I like Eklund. A lot actually

OP trying his best to gatekeep Halo now eh? So much easier than to admit 343 could do better at inserting character development into the game

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Would be much better if they made an actual story campaign out of the characters though. If they don’t do that, Dinh and Eklund are nothing more than mouthpieces spitting drivel at me. I feel nothing, and I care for them little. Same with Agryna.

Same with every Spartan 4 except Miller, who has an actual character arc and deeper dive into his beliefs through his SpOps cutscenes talking to Halsey.

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I applaud the effort to try and tell a story in multiplayer. That’s a difficult task as you can’t really incorporate the gameplay into the story like you can in campaign mode. This isn’t an MMORPG. Could her narration be played over an animation of the encounters she’s relating? Sure. They made a choice there that I may have differed from them on, but I still enjoy the story elements and getting that bonus in MP.

I just wish I didn’t have to play Last Spartan Standing to do it. Awful game type.

Here could’ve been a story idea to include some seasonal PvE content.

Agryna wants us to try to retrieve as much information about Iratus as possible.

She decided to use Eklund and Dinh’s recordings from their armor to recreate a simulation of the mission that ended in Iratus’s capture to try and notice any key information/facility analysis that they may have been missed the last time.

The mission has an interesting twist though, we play through the perspective of Eklund within the mission. This allows us to feel like we are personally fighting alongside Dinh-giving us a closer attachment to him and allows us to feel the impact of his decision that led to him being incapacitated (we’d watch it happen in the mission). It ALSO allows us to feel closer to Eklund, as we’d get to watch the mission from her perspective.

Afterward we’d have a conversation with Eklund and feel more attached, literally walking a mile in her shoes. We’d also have more respect for Dinh having personally seen firsthand his sacrifice. We could also extrapolate some sort of information that’d progress the story.

Its literally that easy to come up with a good story for Infinite. Why can’t they do something like this? Beats me

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You absolutely know my pronouns by now. You know there’s no tolerance for purposeful misgendering. Why bother trying?

Honestly, it isn’t for everyone, but,

They could, but then we miss her gesture, body language, etc. Which I don’t think is worth losing.

I have nothing against her or her character. But those cut scenes they gave us for this event were nothing more then fluff and filler. It added absolutely nothing to the story.

I wish they had given her more substance to flesh out something a little more important.


Quite being so egocentric and thinking people care enough about you specifically to try and make you feel bad with a pronoun. I didn’t put that level of thought into it and used the word ‘his’ just as a placeholder term. So useless to fixate on, but claim that victimhood if you desire it

Then disprove me and adjust accordingly.

She does deserve more time.

I mean, last time 343 tried to implement more than a couole new characters, they created one of the most embarassing pieces of story telling ever created. This game has pretty decent character development. The weapon and the pilot are really the only meaningful characters we met, and they both changed pretty dramatically throughout. Chief isn’t meant to develop, he’s just the conduit through which the universe is opened up to the player. Chief was the same in the first 3 games, and then 343 mucked all that up by trying to ‘develop’ him in 4. 5 was disgusting all around and 80% of those spartans had no business existing. In Infinite, the only character we dont really see develop at all is Iratus, but thats also because he doesnt really exist in the campaign other than just being that final boss fight, which is pretty weak. Was the campaign lacking? Yes. Was there character development? Also yes.

Better yet I’ll just block you for being an attention seeker that just seeks to be disruptive

Right back at you buckeroo. Honestly proved my point. I lose nothing by not seeing your drivel anymore.

I don’t know if I believe that.

Chief’s particular thread of development in Infinite was only possible because of the things 4 and 5 did. And what we got in Infinite… I think was worth it.

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I still hate 5 lol, but thats just because of the sheer stupidity of Osiris Team

That’s something scary to think about. Atriox quickly learned how to deploy human weaponry and tactics against humans themselves. Rendering them pretty much useless.

If only where where sangheili chicks…… H2A elites are my absolute favorite in my opinion. Honestly the infinite elite design seem to derive from the h2a elites. I dare you, look up halo 2 anniversary elites and then look up the halo infinite elites. They look so sooooo similar. Almost twins.

Originally back when bungie made mister chef yes, he was originally designed as a shell, where the player fit in his shoes. But around the time of halo 2 to now the big green brick started to build personality. Especially with the characters around him. It was really until halo 4 when his character development really popped off and the started to embody himself and not the player.

Now, yeah. Obviously to have a campaign you have the character you play as yes, but it’s still a character and needs to have a slight personality. Like chief for example. Originally he said a few words but was entirely mute though the rest the game. even in cut scenes throughout the course of halo 2-3 he still was very quiet but he did sometimes speak in the cutscenes. Halo 4 is really when his character began a real very noticeable development. His personality, his demeanor changed, etc. through the course of halo 4 you see chief trying to survive and get out of requiem whilst trying to not only save the humans but also to protect he’s dearest friend, Cortana. So a lot of emotion was built with him over that period of time. They begin to bond more. Only for it to break at the end…. Then halo 5 begins. Big green man’s rather upset so he goes on a rogue op in order to find Cortana and bring her home (long story short that operation fails) and while he’s chasing Cortana you have Locke chasing to apprehend chief because he went rogue. Cortana gets zapped to another world (Aka a ring) where infinite kicks off. Unsc gets screwed over by the banished after the fall of the covenant where the story is build around stopping the banished, understanding the ring, and finding Cortana. Then the campaign cuts off to him and echo 2-16 chillin in their pelican on the desert with the weapon. So not much is known.

Id only assume an expansion would happen revealing more of the story.

P.s. I’m typing on phone so pardon the trash typing.

Yes, I refer to my man chief as “mister chef” because I can and it’s such a funny meme. Either that or “green brick”

Osiris has interesting spots and dull ones alike. Tanaka did not get a fair shake, Vale was pretty cool, I REALLY DO like Locke and I hope Buck is okay but why was he so weirdly god-fearing in 5?

Bingo! It is scary the things he can do.

Oh trust me, I’m aware, it’s very intentional. They also used this design for the TV series. They really sleeked out the Elites because the Brutes could occupy the large “Elite Enemy” niche so the Sangheili could be the agile Elite Enemy archetype and it’s GREAT. This is the best they’ve been since Halo: CE!

We actually CAN see one on a book cover!! On “Shadow of Intent” - there’s a whole drawn scene where one is fighting a San’Shyuum Prelate. (Basically a Prophet Spartan.)

Glad to see someone else observe this for once. It’s refreshing.

Damn you really paid attention.

Good job tbh.

I tend to agree. The best stories were 1-3 and chief got almost no in game character development.

Oh course, maybe I just didn’t like the H4 story. Especially with the major retcons.

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Thank you for noticing!!! I also saw in a previous post you do art/comics??? What art styles??? I do anything from halo stuff to furry I made a few fem elite concepts (nothing weird) and a buuunch of other things, I’m mainly a concept artist who likes to draw my ideas, especially halo related, armors, characters, etc. People actually asked me to make pieces for them as well. Especially the anthro art style, I’ve seen that gain popularity pretty quick. I do it Really just for fun. Really you’re the only person now that I’ve noticed and that actually takes art seriously. I wanna do a goody comic skit with noble team actually. Story with that skit is actually, Noble team was not on reach they where at vacation. Their doppelgängers where the ones on reach.

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Agreed. But for different reasons.

shrug Whatever hits the mood. Mostly keep my stuff to pencil and ink pen.

Big thumbs up to the success you’ve had by the way, it’s really cool that you’re getting into art! Always good to do!

Aye yeah we’ve been around for decades. Furries as a consistent group anyway, I think sometime since the late 70s.

Go for it!!

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I’ll give it a fair shake but I don’t need to be willing for anything. The MP narrative is sh*t and it’s not my problem that it is or pretend that it isn’t.

And since then, opinions have changed. There are aspects of Halo Reach that are shallow and uninteresting, and could have used more development, but I still like it a whole lot more than Halo 4 or 5.

And I’m sure you either didn’t do wiki deep-dives, join Discords to discuss the story, or go further than just the game itself.

Hey KC. Ever heard of Achievement Statistics? Because I have. And they paint a rather telling picture. On Steam, while 57.2% of all players have completed Winter Contingency, the second level of Halo Reach (just in case you didn’t know), only 50.3% have completed ONI: Sword Base (third level). 47.6% have completed Pillar of Autumn (first level of Halo CE) and 44.9% of all players have completed Halo Reach’s Nightfall (fourth) level.

As well on Steam, only 10.7% of all players on Steam who have played Halo Infinite, have gotten the “First Contact” achievement, awarded after the ending cutscene of the first mission of the campaign. This isn’t a fringe-case either. Battlefield 4’s campaign only saw 43.4% of all players complete its first mission. Call of Duty Black Ops 2, my personal favorite in the series, had a peak player-count in Singleplayer of 18,202 people. Meanwhile, mutliplayer had 70,819. See what I mean when I say that the vast majority of people playing these games don’t care for the story?

The serious question is, what actually happened in Halo Infinite’s story? No, I’m not talking about the hackneyed data logs or little side stories that are world-building for more interesting stuff happening off-screen. The Infinity blows up, the Banished are promoted from raiding party to galactic threat, Atriox is fridged (but not really) and a new threat “Worse than the Flood” is released. The actual main villain of this game, Escharum, is more of a footnote than anything.

He lacks motivation and serious threat, because he shows up pretty much exclusively through hologram throughout the entire game. TheActMan makes the point that Escharum is basically Bowser from Mario, and… I can’t disagree with that. Both sit in the primary Castle at the end of the game, both have you fight through their legion of lackies, and both kidnap your Princess to get you to come fight them. But I have issues beyond the story being average at best, and more serious issues with Halo’s treatment of their stories…

This is the third time in 343’s tenure that there’s been a soft reboot of Halo’s story direction. Halo 4 started going more mystical with a pre-ordained Chosen One story, while also intermixing elements of the Forerunners. That got shelved for “Cortana Bad.” Then “Cortana Bad” got shelved for “Worse than the Flood.” I can’t wait for “Worse than the Flood” to get shelved for “It was all a dream, Chief is still in the cryopod” or something equally ridiculous. 343 is too afraid to commit to a story direction. Say what you will about Halo 1-3, it told a story that was cohesive and pointed from one to the next. The Covenant and the Flood were the consistent bad guys, the story started small to dip your toes in before moving onto epic and grand, and there was a story that was simple enough to follow, but deep enough to be interesting for those who wanted more (particularly with Terminals in 3).

I think what 1-3 did best, and ODST and Reach did very well, was that there was little if any reliance on outside material. The story was all laid-bare in front of you within those games. There was more if you wanted it, but enough to keep the average player satisfied. Compare that to Halo 5, which suggests reading/interacting with nine pieces of story content, and you see where the casual fan that just plays the games gets lost.

I’m sure.

Once again, the fault must always fall with the user and it’s never the fault of the product. The product is infallible. It’s not like there’s others, including a number of Halo content creators, that are also frustrated by the lack of narrative in the narrative events. HiddenXperia, SeanW, and Magpie Leon expressed frustration with the Event, and MintBlitz seemed unimpressed as well.

Let me say this: Worldbuilding isn’t a bad thing. Calvin and Hobbes has the Noodle Incident. The reader is never shown what the Noodle Incident is, only that we’re told it’s a very serious incident and that it probably involved Noodles. This is fine because it helps build up the world outside of the comic strips, and because the strips themselves have Calvin’s mischievous nature shine through, as well as other incidents that are compared to the Noodle Incident.

The problem with both narrative events so far is that they are exclusively focused on world-building with no pay-off. It’s one thing to say that Calvin in Calvin and Hobbes gets in trouble, it’s another to show Calvin getting into trouble, to reinforce what we know about Calvin from what we know about the Noodle Incident. We’re told about the Vihar Collapse, but we’ve never seen Dinh and Eklund in action. You can infer from their armor that they’re serious business, but you never get shown that serious business.

This is the same deal with Star Wars: Republic Commando. We’re told our squad are serious, better than average Clones. To reinforce this, we see regular Clones get killed easily by the various enemies in the game, whereas our Squad are all shown to be effective Troopers that can take down the enemies that kill average Clones. Our Squad is shown to be better to reinforce the narrative angle that our Squad is better than the average Clone. This also creates a reference point we could refer back to if the game were to talk about events that happen outside of its story. If Sev and Scorch were to talk about a dangerous situation on Cato Nemodia, and how they escaped by the skin of their teeth, the audience now has a reference point to refer back to, so that they can understand from experience what that was probably like. Halo Infinite’s narrative events sorely lack this - they’re just people talking at us instead of doing anything of substance. Even training simulations to show how Eklund and Dinh approach a combat situation could create the “cool” reference point the story needs.

You do know that the parent company makes billions per year, and that they could certainly afford to do so? If not that, then cutscenes to demonstrate more than nothing at all. Even the Elden Ring opening cutscene that’s mostly just a Microsoft Powerpoint would be better than standing around… Talking at us… Nothing happening…

Funnily enough, they did leverage PVE gameplay with story narratives back in Halo 4, with Spartan Ops. It was possible then. Why not now?

The Narrative Events are supposed to be immersing us in this universe and making us feel like we’re active participants. So far, all our Spartans have done is play around in the Matrix and listen to other people talk about things that don’t really concern us.

Seems like I struck a nerve with this one…

Which invites unfavorable comparisons.

Thinly veiled insults do little to support your point, Dodger, and I have rapidly dissipating patience for them. Either engage with me like an adult or be silent.

That much is evident.

Neither I, you.

Evidently not.

Because when I load into Dark Souls, I have different expectations than loading into my shooter games.

They haven’t made me care yet.

Do we really need to go into the semantics of what makes the average individual’s perception of cake in the modern world more than the bread on the inside?

Kettle, meet…