I know why no one talks.

Because you can be reported for saying vilgar things ( but not have actually said anything vulgar) and be mute banned by microsoft.

It actually happened to me when i tried to talk to my silent teammates.

No one talks because were all afriad to be banned.

I doubt that’s why. It definitely takes more then 1 person reporting you to get you banned. I don’t talk because my teammates are almost always annoying.

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> I doubt that’s why. It definitely takes more then 1 person reporting you to get you banned. I don’t talk because my teammates are almost always annoying.

Well it happened to me.

I never use a mic because I find it distracting, both ways. Though I can block out most mic noise (I’ll mute if I have to).

I swear like a sailor and I’ve never experienced that.

I hear people using their mics regularly, but it’s usually not more than “anyone got a mic?” or strange rustling sounds.

There have been times when people do callouts, but it doesn’t happen very often.

Mic stories thread. :grin:

If you got a mute ban it’s because you’re routinely saying rude things to your teammates, or saying things that you think are “motivational” and they think are rude. Or you’re putting your headset down next to a speaker that’s blaring some crap song that nobody but you wants to hear. Or you’re broadcasting your domestic dysfunction for all to hear. Sorry, my friend, but nobody ever got a mute ban by just trying to be helpful and play the game.

That makes no sense lol How do you “talk”? If you’re getting banned for it you’re probably doing something against their rules. I talk all the time.

Well, for me, it’s usually because I have younger siblings who like to watch, and it’s a little distracting with multiple people who can’t hear each other trying to talk to me.

I don’t use my mic because the only people using their mics are complaining throughout the game. It makes it no fun, so i just mute them and rock on.

I once went 4-5 months without a mic (my -Yoinky!- one broke back in late-August), and my friends were really frustrated with me not being able to talk. Up until Dec. 23rd of 2016, I was going about being the strong, silent type.

Back to the topic: Sometimes when I ask people if they have a mic or not, I often get the following:

  • “F*** you!” - “Shut the **** up!” - I don’t care, you (insert “n” word)Seriously? I was asking a simple question, not giving you some stupid **** or anything for that matter!

I don’t think people talk because Halo isn’t the social game it used to be. It’s almost like it’s not even worth trying to speak over your mic anymore.

Most times I find that it’s not even worth trying to talk to anyone in a social match any way. If I have a great couple of matches with the same people I’ll message them and see if they want to run together. But most of the time, I think a lot of people just get their rocks off being rude and cursing.

No one talks because there is no reason to anymore no one cares about winning even in ranked the ranking system is trash Ive won all my games before and been in platinum and I have lost almost all my games and been put in onyx also without party matching you might run into groups of two friends in a party but youll never know because they had to take out a way to see if players are in a party together probably so they can tell us there is party matching

I never hear randoms because I tend to ignore what they have to say.