I know this is dumb buuuuuuut

I want a proper orange as an option in Team Colors. Carrot and Tangerine are okay, but I want orange.

Like laziest member of Red Team and namesake of Grifball orange.

Florida fresh squeezed orange.

Promethean Knight orange.

“I just snuck up on a Hunter with a Spnkr and turned them into Mango Pulp” orange.

I think that’s a modest simple addition.

Ideally I’d also want the option to have team colors and shield colors be seperate options so we can be able to have Red and Blue teams but have the shields be yellow like OG Halo, but I’d settle for a good bright orange.


Not dumb.

I really like some of my coatings - but I would do anything for a solid brown coating with gold trimmings.

Like my footy team. Go Hawks.

I thought I was on my own - but last year I did an informal poll of H5 colour combinations and I found four other people sporting it as well.

So yes, 343. Keep them coming.

PS. We are kindred spirits. Brown is really just dark orange!


Shield colour could be another custom thing. I’m not sure why they didn’t think of it. If they can sell visual effects for running and kills, why not shields too?

I’m feeling frustrated with the limited customisation options. It’s actually one of the things making me want to play less. Spartans still look so uniformly the same even with the various items I have collected.

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Did they give you lemon lime? https://youtube.com/watch?v=iMutH9XGOvc


I mean I meant team colors like how your shield changes color based on your team, but I also deeply hope you get your brown coating with gold trimmings because that sounds cool.

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