I knew this would happen

Have a look at my last post on the reach forums 2 days befroe the release of Halo 4. https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postsm1656435_Last-time-on-this-board--see-you-guys-in-H4.aspx#post1656435 in which i stated i hoped the “Why did i get banned thread” wasnt the biggest forum thread in the H4 Forum. Well here we are less than a month in and outside of the “Issues being investigated” thread the banned thread is the biggest. That i can understand as 343 does have some issues they really need to fix and quick but the other leaves me somewhat dissapointed and annoyed.

I am disappointed in both the 343i and annoyed with the some members of the Halo community. 343i had a chance to fix all that was wrong with the banhammer they inherited from Bungie and it seems they did nothing. BS Angels opening post in the H4 thread is a cut and paste from the Reach “Why did i get banned” thread. That itself is the biggest indicator that nothing new has been done. They have done nothing to better detect idle players than to base it on stats and zero kills.
The community has also let itself down. You would of thought that after the 10s of thousands of credit bans, rank resets and temporary bans given in Reach players would of learn not to AFK/idle or quit to many games or use known glitches to thwart the system.

I personally responded to quite a few posts in the Reach thread advising players as to why they might have been banned. I am sorry to say guys but i wont be doing the same this time around as it seems it is a waste of time and effort on my part.
Happy H4 gaming guys.

You want bans or you don’t want bans?

I lost you.

Jacobson, having never been banned i dont really care but i do feel for the 1000s of casual players who got banned in Reach for bringing in a newbie to the game to only find themselves on ban for AFKing when the newbie got zero kills 2 or 3 games in a row. I want a ban system but i want one that is fair and actually works.