I keep getting Temp banned from multiplayer

I am playing multiplayer swat on every halo but halo 3, after the match, I backed out to pick up a phone call in the the finding players lobby and as soon as I picked my controller back up to play I was banned for 5 minutes. This happened 2 more times after I left a match in the finding players lobby simply because I didn’t wanna play in the next match. I’ve tried switching game modes and nothing has helped me, I’m scared to leave a match at all now because I might get temp banned even though I completely finish out matches usually unless I gotta get off or go somewhere. I don’t know why this is happening to me.

I recommend, no matter how bad a match is, that you do not leave it. Leaving matches, especially often, is the quickest way you can get banned. Be smart with the time you have and play shorter game modes if you don’t have much time to play and may need to get off, and if you have a lot of free time, that is your time to play anything your heart desires.