I keep getting kicked out of games.

Getting kicked out of every two games or so is unacceptable. It’s hard enough finding time to play with my friends without worrying about the unable to join screen popping up to ruin everything . This is the only game I play online that kicks me out constantly. Is there a fix coming anytime soon? Because I’m so close to just trading this game in.

I have been getting kicked as well. Was able to play through about 6 games this morning and kicked out of 3 others. Now it is giving me an error of “error while searching for players”.

When you get kicked does it boot you from the game entirely? That’s been happening to me on Warzone Assault.

I could play last night. Now today i cant play online when i try to join a game it loads players then when it says loading game it kicks me an says lost local connection an then says unable to join

It keeps happening 3 months later, it’s almost like TMCC. Not only the campaign is bad, the multiplayer doesn’t even work properly. 343 is the worst.