i keep getting disconnecting from games

when ever i enter a game I disconnect half way threw I get no req packs or points and I waste my reqs in game and loose them

If you are a new player at the game then here are some things that may help. Make sure your xbox is wired and not using a wireless connection. Also make sure your Nat type is set to Open. Anything less seems to cause problems. Give that a try… Good luck!!

If that doesn’t help cure the problem then you can try and open ports to your router if you have one.

I’m having the same issues. I get dropped in the middle of the Final Round of Firefights, in legendary Reqs and getting dropped without a reason or explanation. I’ve lost about 5 tundra mantis this way and a couple phaetons…

I also am having this problem, to the point where I now have a 30 minute Ban from playing : /

I keep losing connection for no reason.

I am having the same problem. to me I got banned for 23 hours due to the disconnecting during games. makes me not want to play this game.