I keep getting booted out

All day long i keep getting booted out of matches and i just got booted again. I try to join now and i got banned. I have never quit a single match. Please help or suggestions.

Yeah this happens too my about one in every 4 or 5 games I haven’t gotten banned somehow luckily but it’s annoying and destroys my ranks everytime in about to win I just lag out and connection is fine

Great… I just played 10 minutes got Booted for notthing. Getting repetedly disconnectet at Warzone matches… I dont kill Teammates but the game Keep throwing me off. I realy think you guys need to fix this

Same thing happens to me and I have super fast internet with no problems with anything else or any other game… Good jod 343

Im glad im not alone on this. I tried again after ban was over and i got booted from a slayer match for no reason at all. This is so frustrating. Im actually afraid to keep trying because i might get banned again for second time.