I keep getting banned. now i cant get this weeks reward

i dont know where else to give feedback so heres what i have to say. i literally grew up with halo, it’s been my favorite series most my life. i didnt play halo 5’s multiplayer so i dont know if this bs was in that or not but i just gotta say

i despise your punishment system. if you’re going to take away the ability to choose maps, and the ability to choose modes, then you shouldnt punish me for leaving, there are 150k people playing this game, if i leave a damn casual match that shouldnt be something to ban me for several minutes. and i shouldnt be banned for getting kicked from the game, i live in upstate new york, i dont have a fantastic connect to your servers for whatever reason. i have been grinding for the weekly skin for around 8 hours today, and as a result of the game crashing, your servers kicking me, and me not wanting to play the dock map or bazzaar, i’m being punished so i cannot get the ultimate reward this week. i’ve spent probably thousands on the halo franchise my whole life and i’m being treated like a piece of crap for it i feel like. i already bought 50 bucks worth of skins and stuff from you guys in this game alone and this is the thanks i get for it? i dont get it, its casual for christ’s sake.

get rid of this punishment system, add a mid game join, let us choose a gamemode and map like how games should be. i shouldnt have to be forced to play modes and maps i dont want to play, i installed this game to have fun, because halo is fun, but all its done today is piss me off. i dont want to hate such a well made game, but you are forcing me to hate it cause you screwed me out of a timed reward i worked my -Yoink!- off for.

as of writing this theres about 5 hours left for this weeks challenges. i’m banned from playing because your servers kicked me. this is my second ban today. because of this i cannot get the skin. i am exhausted and tired and i dont want to play this game anymore. all this game is doing is making me angry. i feel no joy from playing, cause all i want is that skin.

i dont even mind your microtransaction system, its fine for me. its these timed challenges that stress me out and screw me out of stuff i want cause it makes me feel obligated to play the game. playing the game shouldnt be a chore, i play games to destress, not stress on whether im gonna get this week’s goodies or whatever. its the same reason i stopped playing doom eternal every week. this system makes me sick, physically.

sorry for the long message, you guys made a very fun game, so please stop doing modern gaming stuff and make your game feel like its 2007 again. none of this punishment system stuff, let me vote for maps, and let me choose gamemodes. your games have gotten me through life, i owe half my smiles to them. thank you for giving this one so much care.


Just don’t quit, it’s that simple.

Wait until they implement a game mode chooser or stick it out in game modes you didn’t actually want, but don’t quit. That just puts 343 bots on the team and ruins the experience of others.


The lack of playlists is frustrating, sure. But your quitting is ruining the experience for everyone else. Don’t be that guy.


Ironically you probably would have got the game modes had you not quit repeatedly and just finished the games.

As others have said, quitting ruins the game for other people so you deserve a ban.


The play list system sucks but what you’re doing is also bad.

Just play every game like slayer if you don’t want to play objective. Its super easy.

You can appeal your ban and get back in. It’s in Beta and support understands.

how is quitting in a casual match when my slot will be replaced by a bot that is as good if not better than the majority of players. the bots in the flight test were absolutely amazing, and the bots sometimes get kills on me. theres literally no reason to punish people for not wanting to play a match in CASUAL. i didnt say ranked for a reason, cause ranked is all about competitive play. casual is the stuff you play with your buddies and dont take seriously. i dodnt understand why theres this need to force me to play things i dont want to play. and they do the same thing in mcc so you cant just tell me to go play a different title in the series, the 360 titles lose support in a few months.

quitting in casual doesnt ruin any experience, we have 150k players, my spot will be refilled in seconds.