I keep finishing all my 50 xp daily challenges

I thought they were unlimited?

No, they never said they were unlimited.

How many are there per day?

Idk but it isnt that much i would guess around 25-30? But idk i hope someone can givw a more exact number but i dont like them limiting xp per day

There are 50 daily challenges each day

50 matches, whoa. How long do you suppose it would take someone to do that? That’s a lot of video games.

That’s gotta be at least 13 hours if not more.

It depends on what gametype you’re playing. If someone is just playing bot matches you can win most games in under 5 minutes, so in theory you could run out in about 4 hours. I’d say for most people, if you’re playing quick play or ranked it would take more like 7 or 8 hours to get through.

And before everyone tries to slam 343 for this too much, Halo Reach had a limit on how many credits you could per day as well. I don’t think a cap is particularly necessary, but 50 matches is enough that the vast majority of people will probably never learn there even is one.

Oof this turned into a roast of how mucn i play XD i do bot matches mostly while listening to a podcast to get so.

I still just as a principle dislike daily xp caps.