I keep dieing online

So I got halo 4 on release day and all the time I just been getting more deaths than kills online. Other halo games I am good at but this one is just weird and I’m not liking it. Have I got wrong setup or what?

Always be in a position to take cover.

The utility weapons will kill you faster in Halo 4 than Halo 3 and Reach, even across map.

Try to avoid wide open spaces and above all else communicate with your team.

eeerrmm, keep playing and get used to the control scheme and how the guns have changed you will get used to it…you can’t expect to jump into online in a new halo game and expect to do well against players who have had a little more game time than you. with regards to weapon loadouts, just try using various weapons until you find a set you like, most of the weapons seem to be fairly balanced, if you find that you are dying alot a a certain weapon, try adapting your tactics thats why most people on here are complaining so damn much.

you just have to get use to it. i had some trouble to on my first game but im getting the hang of it.

Remember it’s a new game, new maps, new weapons etc. it’ll just take some time to get used to it all. Also watch how other players move about maps and how they kill e.g. Jumping while shooting, grenades, use of armour abilities etc. I’ve only managed to even out my k/d spread now

Its become a more ranged game, so if you’re a CQB type player you’ve got some changes to get used to. Its all about the head shots any more.

it seems to be easier to die in this one. i think the shield takes less hits or something.