I just went through hell...

Don’t let my K/D throw you off (it’s starting to get worse the more I play anyway.) My win loss of my last matches tells the truth… Warzone is such an ungodly mess but people like me have no choice because it gives the most REQ points and XP. Let me tell you; you better have a team of some friends or something, or you’ll be like me, in every situation where there was just no chance at winning. I don’t know if it’s just my luck or the teams I’m being paired with and against but throughout the whole day, a whole few hours worth of Halo, I’ve had to sit through an ungodly amount of lucky grenades from enemies being rushed by entire squads while my teammates sit around doing -Yoink- all, enemies getting the luckiest hijacks even when I clearly splatter them, so many wasted REQs because when I leave the base the whole -Yoink!- army is waiting for me outside. I didn’t believe I was bad at Halo until you proved it to me today, thanks 343. I wish my friends played with me but none of them have Halo.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way; has anyone had any funny/cool moments recently so I can just find a reason to relax?

Dunno if this is classified as cool, but I was chilling next to the main enemy base waiting for a tank or wraith to roll out since Warden had spawned. A tank came out and we had this really weird dance, lost my whole camera and somehow managed to get in the machine gun seat, the guy jumped out of his tank and I jumped out of the seat and had a showdown, killing him with a perfect kill and walking away victorious with his tank, which he tried to get back when I turned the turret around while moving away and shot him lol guy was probably not happy.