I just want to play rank but I can't even get a game

The only time you can have fun is if you are playing for something. They have only one rank mode and no one plays it!
I get it is the fiesta event right now but it was like this last week. I will get to play one rank every second night.

Can’t they just make everything have a rank then I don’t have to waste my night waiting for ranked arena

Or just get rid of fiesta because it is terrible


Are you checking both the solo/duo que AND the open que?

My estimated wait time for solo/duo controller has been 2+ minutes for a while. But the open que is way mor populated and I get games in it right away usually


Why is that though? You’d think the MNK population would be less than the controller population given the steam numbers vs the estimated Xbox population?

Or am I interpreting open incorrectly?

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For reference, in this message by “casual playerbase” I mean players who still semi-regularly play any playlist in Infinite but don’t read forums/ reddit/ watch Halo YT vids.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure a huge portion of the “casual playerbase” just doesn’t even know there is more than one ranked playlist. It defaults to open, and you’d never know the other solo/duo ranked playlists exist if you don’t ever click that menu item.

And it’s the only playlist with the selection option being one layer deeper than anything else, so why would players click it if that doesn’t do anything for any other playlist?

Hope that makes sense…

I have it as open.

I just want to play ranked

Because open allows for teams of 3 or more players compared to controller only which obviously only caters for solo/duos. It’s literally a vicious circle too…players simply stop searching in solo/duo if they can’t find a game, plus a lot of players don’t even know that the solo/duo playlist exists as it’s buried in a drop down menu with open set as the default (this references a thread last week which discussed this topic so it is actually a thing).

Edit: …and also mentioned above by WLC.

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