i just want this game to be playable for once

im so tired of this game taking good steps in the right direction just to get pulled back a whole 3 steps. please for the love of god DO NOT have us wait another 2 months to revert AA back to the way it was. if air was viable this season i feel this game would be in such a better position it was last season. AV finally does it job, hogs and marauders are back in line, tanks have came back to the field and now theres only a couple more things we have to fix but we cant do that if we dont fix how trash air is now.

The forge meta is rising and it’s to late. :frowning: why did 343 do this we wanted forge to be nerfed not buffed

Fix AA and fix Forge, I feel like that’ll be really good.

But I would argue that it is MUCH better now than it was last patch.

With out air being good enough now there is no hope against forge

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