I Just Thought Of The Reason Vehicle Combat Changed From Halo 3 So Drastically

Think about Hemorrhage in Reach, by default it houses a Scorpion Tank, or Wraith, Warthogs, and Ghost. Yet only one Sticky Launcher is on the map, except for Sniper Rifles. Now in Halo 3 these same vehicle load-outs on maps would be a heavy’s game type. Each team would have access to Spartan Lasers and Rockets if not more. It was to even the odds.

Now Bungie has done away with the heavy’s game type, but why? I dunno. But this needs to make a comeback in BTB. Why? Every vehicle enthusiast in Reach collectively is disappointed with how vehicles get pushed around so easily. The Hog takes 4 clips from the DMR to explode, sounds like much but when you have a coordinated team; very deadly. The thing though is they are shooting a vehicle, so why does it do damage to the occupants? In Halo 3 when you shot a vehicle you did damage to it, but it had damage resistance when loaded with Spartans. You shoot the occupants and it was now your rolling death machine.

I think i speak for all vehicle enthusiast when i say Reach needs a change to vehicles. So I vote that maps have different variants if not a heavies variant return. Damage done to vehicles only damage the vehicle, and not the occupants. Shooting a gunner, driver, passenger should not blow up the vehicle. So that stays the same. Tanks no longer take small arms fire damage. As well seeing how Reach’s battle grounds tend to favor a larger distance, I believe that the Warthogs turret should see a accuracy increase. Banshee bomb should do less damage in the blast radius department, in return more damage resistance towards weapons.

All in favor say I, All in partial favor make a post why, all who disagree can swain dive into a lake bed full of angry piranhas’.

Imagine this text is fine print: These are my opinions and should not be taken as how the community feels as a whole. We all want changes for the better, again these are mine for vehicles. In case 343 is listening for ideas I’d like mine to be on the table with everyone else’s.

> These are my opinions and should not be taken as how the community feels as a whole.

Should not be taken as the community feels as a whole? You don’t want community’s flames OR support?

You also said “These are my opinions” followed by “this is what the community wants”.

Poor fine print. I’m fine with how vehicles are, heavy weapons takes 1:30 to respawn remember? Team with vehicles gets weapons too = win.

What he said about support. I fancy myself a vehicle lover and like the way they work now.

I like that that the rockets lock onto airbourne vehicles but require proper lead with land based.

I like that no turret can fire infinitely now. You have to manage the “heat.”

I like that the sniper, which is a 14.5mm anti-material weapon is actually an anti-material weapon.

I like that the 7.62mm round does damage to vehicles. Ever seen a 7.62mm NATO round go 500m then through a 10" tree trunk and then through the guy behind the tree and keep going?

I like that the Needle Rifle instead bounces off of armour but not when the vehicle is heavily damaged.

I like how spawning weapons can eff up a vehicle with teamshooting rather than feeling like I need to go and find an anti-vehicle weapon.

I love the way the Covenant vehicles feel like they’re hovering some weight.

I think the only change I would like is for the Banshee to have its maneuvering abilities connected to its boost meter.

Is the 'Hog too bouncy? Na, you’re just driving too fast when you think it’s too bouncy.

yeah in H3 me and my teammate used to f*ck up banshees with a warthog, impossible now.


This is how I’d like reach’s vehicles:


  • Bomb and Cannons at H3’s strength
  • Replace boost recharging energy with flips taking away energy. You should be able to do 3 flips, then it needs to recharge like an AA


  • Give it way more resistance against DMR’s/Snipers (at least 2-3 times more)
  • More accuracy for the turret
  • Slight damage increase for the turret


  • More resistance against DMR’s/Snipers

Leave Ghost, Falcon, Wraith and Scorpion


Now let’s take a look at the map design.
I like Boneyard having 1 Hog at each team’s spawn, a Neutral Banshee and Tank. So is Breakpoint. With the nerfed Banshees it would be perfectly balanced.


This map needs changes. I’d like to see the laser spawn at the bridge/mancannon side, a neutral Scorpion at the Big tower, 2 Warthogs, 1 Ghost and 1 Banshee at each team’s base.


This map is heavily inbalanced. Right now little base side gets a free Rocket Launcher and Banshee. I’d like to see banshee spawn at the cliffs next to the Invasion Core Capture point, A Falcon, Ghost and Hog at each base and the rockets at the Invasion attacker side spawn removed.


I suggest two different versions of this map:

Heavy (BTB only):

2 Warthogs, a buch of Mongooses, Revenant, 1 Ghost, Tank and Rockets (no spare clips) at each cave. Laser in the middle.


2 Warthogs, a buch of Mongooses, Revenant, 1 Ghost at base, Rockets (no spare clips) in middle.