I Just Realized Something

After playing ODST again yesterday, I just realized how great a game it really is. The atmosphere in the game is incredible, and really ups that feeling of being alone in a vast city with an alien presence in control, while trying to find your squad and get the hell out. The gameplay feels just like a Halo game with the chief, but still different enough that it’s not just running and killing everything, that there is a little bit of thought in the way you approach some battles.

p.s Better than H4 IMO.

A true halo game at it’s core, yet underrated just for the fact that there is no multiplayer.
It brought firefight into existance, which should make up for it. And it is certainly not just a campaign DLC like others say it is. They just bash on Halo 3 ODST for what it is, a fun game that has no spartans or elites or Halo rings.
But it definately feels more personal, because everything else that halo was before it and even after, was basically a fantasy.

I’m playing through the ODST campaign today and it’s really starting to grow on me again. I loved this game when it was first released and playing it for a second time makes me realize how incredible the atmosphere is. I love the music and the back drops along with everything else about the game. It’s a true Halo game. There’s really no reason at all to hate on this game, it’s amazing. Screw multiplayer, I’d rather be neck deep in a really fun and captivating campaign.

I think it is absolutely flawless. At least, in my eyes it is. However, it was missing an actual multiplayer and moments in campaign like from the “We are ODST” trailer.

Still an incredible game without, however.

I think it needed to be longer, and/or the city bigger, otherwise I really enjoy playing ODST as well.

Part of me almost wishes VISR mode had a timer on its use, or something, because I get the feeling many people went through the whole city with it on, and missed just how beautiful the city looked at night.

It seems those that truly enjoyed ODST are in the minority :frowning: I loved it, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I am a brown coat.

People disliked ODST because it was different but that is ridiculous because the game is a spin-off. When people say they dislike H4 for being different they have a legitimate reason.

At first, I only bought ODST to get the Vidmaster: Endure achievement, and entered with relatively low expectations. I learned two things that day:

  1. Endure is really really really hard and why the hell did I try it alone!?
  2. ODST is one hell of a game.

I just replayed it as well, solo-legendary. Much better than I remember. The first time I played was four years ago, co-op. My friend didn’t want to read the instructions and so we were lost for hours until another of us picked up the instructions and mentioned the map >.>

So years later, when I already know that stuff, the experience is so much better. I even went for many of the achievements this time. I really like the feel of the game and much prefer this part of the battle of Earth than the bits of it experienced in Halo 2 and 3.

The game never ceases to satisfy me.
The cutscenes, the story, the atmosphere projected is worthy of Halo games.
I finished my first playthrough a few minutes ago, and despite playing it a few times over it is always great to play it over again.
I really wish they would make another ODST game…

ODST is my most favorite Halo game by far. That it doesn’t have its own multiplayer part but “only” Halo 3’s doesn’t bother me at all. It still has Firefight, and if you can get a few mates together, it curb stomps Reach’s Firefight mode.

The campaign is simply brilliant, and no other Halo game comes even close to matching ODST’s amazing atmosphere. The only drawback is its short length; if something is that awesome, you want more of it. But I still rather play an excellent and nigh-perfect campaign even if it’s short than a longer one that isn’t as great.

What can I say? It was a hell of a game.

But yeah, I loved ODST. A different way of telling a Halo story, with an amazing atmosphere and environment. The Mombasa Space Tether collasping, the Covenant Ships arriving on the Highway, and then the Assault Carrier beginning the glassing.
It was a great different approach to Halo, and I thought it did it very nice.

I’ve always been a campaign guy so lack of its own multiplayer wasn’t a big issue. I would have spent more time wandering Mombasa Streets anyway.

> I’ve always been a campaign guy so lack of its own multiplayer wasn’t a big issue. I would have spent more time wandering Mombasa Streets anyway.

Same here. The most important thing for me is a good campaign. Multiplayer is a bonus but doesn’t play into the decision of whether or not I buy a game. I have a bunch of games I really like for their campaigns where I haven’t even tried the multiplayer.

As for Mombasa Streets, I’ve spent dozens of hours just wandering around, exploring every nook and cranny, and taking in the fantastic atmosphere.


The feeling of mystery and exploration, an abandoned city filled with hostiles, the feeling that something will be around the corner. They really do a great job with that, and it makes that massive level great for ignoring the objectives and wandering.
Trying to be stelathy, kill everything, spatter everything with a Mongoose…

Good times.

> …spatter everything with a Mongoose…

And sometimes you even stumble upon a functioning Ghost driven by a Covie. Hijack it, and the real fun begins. =)