I just plain hate the new auto aim

I don’t care about the specifics. auto aim bullet magnetism. W/E. All I know is Halo 5 on launch had the most beautiful right joystick i have ever felt in any game ever. Over time ruined it. RUINED IT. the game is a fraction as enjoyable as it was when i could aim easier.

Really? Most people I knew had issues with the aim at launch. From heavy aim to drift aim. I still have friends who have issues with vertical aim lag, which has always been there.

The aiming has always been bad in H5 (compared to previous titles). As far back as I can remember, honestly. Everyone seems to have a theory as to what the issue is but the bottom line is that it feels way less manageable than ANY past Halo. Which is annoying because it’s now 100% about who has the better shot instead of who made the smarter play when it should be equal parts both. I have a ton of time in this game but I tend to take breaks for a week or so at a time. When I come back to it, my aiming is atrocious. I go from onyx tier shooting to bronze 1. It’ll take me a few days to get somewhat comfortable and start consistently shooting 50-60%. I don’t have this problem with ANY other game from which I take MUCH longer breaks and I certainly have never had that problem with any past Halo. It’s just awkward to the point where muscle memory needs CONSTANT stimulation from the game or your aim is going bye bye. In other words, it doesnt feel the least bit natural. Like basically every other top FPS on the market does. It’s pretty cruel that games like CoD where you only need to stay on target for half a second have buttery smooth aiming and then a game like Halo where you need to stay on target much longer has these awkward -Yoink- controls.