I just paid for noble dlc, where is it in game?

I just purchased the noble dlc and there is no playlist for it, have i been scammed? I see the map has been unlocked but there is no presentation for playing online unless i do a private local game.

Hey OP, you haven’t been scammed but there haven’t been any DLC only playlists in Halo Reach for quite a few years now. There were when the maps packs were originally release but there simply wasn’t enough population to sustain them. If you ahve a full lobby and everyone has the map packs, then you stand a higher chance of playing them in matchmaking. Other than that, it will have to be custom games

yeah, but why still sell stuff that is no longer in operation? can I have a refund?

Well the maps are still in rotation, there’s just no dedicated playlist. Been that way for the majority of Halo games - Halo 3 only differered becuase DLC was pretty much forced in all playlists. You could contact Xbox Live about refunds, but it’s generally an ‘all sales are final’ kinda deal. The content is still usable and does work