I just paid $10 for an armor that is later free in the battle pass lol

I want my money back!! Haha Why would 343 do something like this? I got the cloud (black armor skin) and as I was scrolling through the battle pass I see it. I seriously want my $10 back 343 and keep your armor. I’m gonna eventually get it for free anyways.

Dont blame 343 for your mistake

Buyer’s regret, eh? Should’ve done your research before making a decision.

To me is very logical not to have it in the battle pass if they are selling it. But yeah bro my bad I bought it before the battle pass.

Look, I’ll sympathize with you here. The customization situation is messy at best. But really, it does help to pay close attention to what you’re buying and what other offers could be.

That sucks! I wish the item had a warning or notice saying it’s part of the battle pass :frowning:


Well in that case a lot of people would not buy it. 343 intent is clearly “just” to make money.

Every piece of armor tells you if it’s in the battle pass or details coming soon, or if it’s only available in the store…