I just need help and tips

Hello guys,
today i have a question thats in my head for a long time. How can i get better at Halo especially at Halo5. I just cant enjoy playing Halo at the moment because in my opinion iam way to bad. I would be very thankful if anyone could send me a guide to become better or something. My biggest problems in my opinion are my aiming and my strafing. I am pretty bad in that topics so it would be nice if somebody could give me some tipps how to improve my gameplay. If there are any questions left please let me know.

Many THX in advance.

  1. STICK TO YOUR TEAM. Avoid 1v1’s unless necessary, always team shot.
  2. Warm up with a buddy before you play (or in social playlist if you don’t). Octagon is amazing for your shot and a lot of fun.
  3. Learn to nade well. That’s what separates then men from the boys in this game.
  4. Weapon and power up times are key, learn them.
  5. Stick to the edge of the map unless your team has control. Going mid is almost never a good idea.
  6. OBJ and wins trump KD ANY day of the week. If you aren’t a slayer, run OBJ and let your team mates slay around you.
  7. If you aren’t good at slayer, just put a couple of shots into everyone you see and get out of the way if you are going to lose the gunfight. Just keep them weak long enough for your team to clean up the kill.
  8. Just practice man. It takes a while to get used to it, especially if you don’t have much experience with Halo.

Hope this helps!

When you strafe from side to side, I recommend using quick movements to throw off your opponents aim. Make sure you have your aiming sensitive set to a comfortable level. If you aim at someone and your shots often go just to the left or right of them, turn your sensitivity down a level or two. When you’re aiming, remember to aim for their body until you see their shields pop, then aim for the head unless you’re using an AR or SMG. And make sure you use the Magnum as your primary weapon. If you get good with the Magnum, it’ll serve you better than most power weapons.

@EGU Trespa5s
Thx very much for the tips. I guess they’ll help.

Use the Oni scout hog. And use it to drive in circles around the enemy team.

Thx Rhydon65

Refer to my post titled “I am bad” haha i got a lot of useful tips on that thread. It was posted like a day or 2 ago.

Never chase your opponent. That is all.

Find 3 other players and get use to each other play style/fav weapons , weakness/strongness ect. get more easy when you know were everybody is going and doing ususally. Short and precise communication and also not changing everyday your controller set up/ sensitivity, let yourself build some muscle memory.
Good luck

Iam playing on sens 5 default controller layout

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> Iam playing on sens 5 default controller layout

The first response you got was very good and I agree with everything he said so I’ll touch on controller options instead.

Button layout doesn’t matter too much, some have advantages over others (aim while jumping, easier to hijack, etc) but whatever works the best for you. Sensitivity generally boils down to the highest you can set it to while still being able to consistently aim where you want to. For me that’s 4. Most people play between 3-5. I recommend turning off the inner deadzone and possible the outer one as well. Aim mechanics that change how your aim works in the middle of a fight are really bad for consistency.

If you want help today, send me a msg on xbox and i can help you :slight_smile:

Is there any way to improve my Strafe cause iam pretty bad at strafing

> 2535431477020984;13:
> Is there any way to improve my Strafe cause iam pretty bad at strafing

strafe is easy. Just do what the MLG kids do, slam the stick left and right spazmatically (made that word up) and make it look like your spartan is doing the grapevine in place. Thats how theyre so pro dont ya know.

> 2535431477020984;13:
> Is there any way to improve my Strafe cause iam pretty bad at strafing

Dont be predictable. Mix and match long mid and short strafes. Heck sometimes i move the stick back and forth as fast as i can (usually using ar when doing this)
Also i tend to not jump much because the arch is very prictable. Even with a sudden thrust, short of them going above my head, i can still somewhat follow them as i get better

Ok. I noticed something in a game i had a couple minutes before that my controller sticks feel very light its feeling weird. I do have this problem with all my controllers sometimes it just feels like this iam asking myself if its just a mental thing or if the sticks are really feeling that light but its very anoying hope i descriebed that well :smiley: does anyone else have this problem too?

> 2533274978553590;3:
> then aim for the head unless you’re using an AR or SMG.

Terrible advice dude, headshots kill faster… yes, even with the AR. 6 body shots or 3 headshots… it can make the difference between trading and winning

Practice. Learn map layouts, be aware of your surroundings, focus on the target you are shooting at ignoring every other target even if they are shooting at you. If you change targets you start damaging someone all over again and you get taken out cause you are trying to kill multiple targets at once. One at a time. Try to keep your controller settings how you like them and don’t change them constantly. Find people to add to your fireteam that you work well with for a tight team play. Try to stay calm I tended to aim all over the place when I got worked up trying to kill an opponent. Listen to call outs and info from your teammates if they are mic’d up.

Learning map layouts and which weapons spawn where is key for victory in most game modes. There are plenty of other weapons on most maps (especially BTB) other than the announced power weapons, knowing where you can find a shotgun or dmr for defence is really handy.

Also I suggest from time to time you watch a good player play(on Twitch, or Youtube,etc.). Sometimes watching can make you understand things quicker. Practice is the most important part of course. Good luck.