I just have to say:


Yes, I am referring to IGN’s video. And, again, DAT MUSIC!!! I can’t get over it. I have to say, I was a little worried about the direction of the soundtrack from what we had heard–don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic, but not as much as previous Halos. But now…mmm, that brass. If there’s one thing Halo needed, it’s more brass (especially trumpet, guess what I play :D). I just hope the rest of the music is like this!

I trust Neil Davidge and I was amazed with all the stuff he made so far.

-Yoinking!- awesome. :smiley:

Totally agree. I loved the music in that trailer and have high hopes for the music of Halo 4.

Agreed but its needs something more for me, for it to be better then previous Halo soundtracks but not quite sure what it is.

Has this video been posted on waypoint yet?

from what ive heard so far i have no trust in Neil Davidge but maybe that will change when i hear them all, i hate the fact im not liking the music :frowning:

> Has this video been posted on waypoint yet?

dont think so IGN uploaded it

heres the link


I like what Neil is putting out so far