I Just Have to Say Something About the Store

Unfortunately, this feels like a more and more recurring trend that I see in a lot of media. Sometimes some of it is miscommunication or misunderstanding, but other times it’s frustrating when player feedback is ignored. Look at how Battlefield 2042 is doing lol. It could’ve been a home run had they listened more to player feedback and legacy features and not plowed ahead with their own ‘vision.’

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The coating system was an addition to colors. Halo 5 for all intents and purposes had colors and coatings. The different variants of one piece of armor were just different coatings. They act like coatings are something entirely new, but they aren’t…

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I noticed the same thing, and it’s really irksome. Instead of just “well our prices were too high for our current items”, it turned into “well now we’re just going to piecemeal everything”. Seriously, one skin, and one helmet? Come on y’all.

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I wanna see how many cat ears sold and see how many months halo infinite can keep the servers up from those profits alone.
They’ve made bank on this f2p game.
They done had money.
Don’t know why a multiplayer game can’t launch with meaningful progression/customization without throwing $10 for a barren battle pass or money into the shop-
Halo multiplayer has levels-
Well, they have season levels. A free pass and a premium one, both pretty barren when looking at previous entries.
So a leveling system but no create a class- So what’s the point of leveling up? Armor. Customization. The whole ‘reason’ for playing is to unlock stuff to look cooler in the game.
And they launched this game, having gutted that entire system to sell it back to people-
But this is excused because it’s free to play?
If you don’t spend a cent on this game and get to level 100, what do you even have to show for it? Compare that to a F2P player (one that didn’t buy REQ packs with USD) from halo 5.
This would be fine if the game was a BLAST to play, but it’s not. I STILL can’t play BTB, 4v4s on the same 5 maps, arbitrary challenges that cause xp fomo if I’m not playing the game mode the game wants me to-
Literally, I’m so sick of this f2p excuse. Make MP cost $30 and the campaign $30, or 40/20 or whatever you wanna do- This f2p model is so cancerous, greedy and unnecessary. Make the game fun to play by making it have cool rewards for playing. So sick and tired of this playing with peoples expectations- 7th game in the franchise you’d think they’d know why people play.

Almost half of all content in the game atm is in or is going to be in the shop at a later date- Yeah, it’s all cosmetic, but take cosmetics out of infinite and what do you have?
A 4v4 fps with 5 maps, desync, and forced cross play?

Hell if they wanted a meaningful progression, imagine if they made the armor have different stats and perks, so like in CoD instead of customizing your gun loadout you customize your armor loadout. That’d make the same 5 maps interesting. That’d add variety to gameplay.
That’d make unlocks meaningful.

Sorry horse, it was time for your daily beating.

I know this is going to sound snotty, but that not my intent and I’m being honest when I say this.

Stop playing infinite.

Pick another game. Any game. MCC, rocket league, whatever.
I hear ya, youve played since CE, you’re loyal and that should mean something. But it doesn’t.

The game is going to get good with more work and time. But you shouldn’t have had to endure this nonsense from a company, any company.

The game is over budget and wickedly underdeveloped and the business plan for the store is what it is to compensate for that.
The tweaks are just psychological business tricks trying to appease you, not actually giving you what you want.

Just stop playing infinite.


I hope it gets better too. I’m just extremely grateful that this latest title Evolved Combat.

I just want forge. If I could just mess around in open lobbies with the level editor, I could simply forget about most- if not all- of 343 Industries’ transgressions with the monetization model.

All I really need is to not be bored out of my mind after getting my daily desync/skill issue rear kicking from the multiplayer, to the point that our ‘beloved’ storefront is the only thing to think about.

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Infinite at first, appears as a video game with a store inside of it, but the reality is Infinite is a store first and a video game second.

The MP is so heavily designed around purchasing cosmetics or Battle Passes that it was distracting. Playing the multiplayer without a Battle Pass or using the store, or not purchasing the Campaign basically means you’re playing only a third of the game. How Infinite is purposely set up right now is similar to this: one third is Campaign, one third is Multiplayer, the last third is the Store. So unless you are utilizing all three parts of Infinite you’re not enjoying the full game. Even if you got the Campaign and play Multiplayer a lot, unless you use the Store as well, Multiplayer will never be fully unlocked unless you fork up extra cash for “non-essential” content.

343 took away previous features from older Halo games and stuck them in the store/BP to make the Store the main feature of Infinite’s MP on purpose. It is so blatantly obvious that players actually feel like it is borderline predatory. This was all because 343 thought they heard someone, somewhere, ask for a Free to Play model, when anyone with a brain would know that they pushed this new model purely to make back the millions that they wasted on developing Infinite.

Obviously Infinite needs to make money because it is Free to Play, but 343 could have done dozens of other tactics besides this blatant cash grab. And Microsoft stamping it’s approval on this isn’t all that surprising, but it definitely makes them look even more not friendly. After seeing how Microsoft allowed 343 to handle Infinite, I doubt the Activision buyout is going to make anything better.

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Don’t know, they didn’t really put a shot gun to anyone’s face and forced them to buy anything. Let me know once basic multiplayer is on the store, or they force people to buy game modes just to play.

Responsibility. Extremely rare.