I Just Have to Say Something About the Store

I’m going to preface this by saying I have bought items from the store from time to time. I got the battlepass, I think 2 smaller bundles early on, and just yesterday to see how they look I went ahead and got the two neon cosmetic effects and made a video about what they look like.

They’re absolutely tricking people with these price points. They tweaked the cost of things, but then reduced the value of the bundles at the same time, so that buying individual items will inevitably be MORE expensive to people over time. It’s not a big deal to me that they’re manipulating the prices this way. A few dollars here or there barely even registers to me because I’m an adult with a career etc who just plays games like this for a relaxing hobby between work and sleep.

But it’s taking advantage of people who actually do have less money to throw around. That or maybe it’s just banking on more whales to throw their wallets at everything.

I’m not saying things should be free, I’m just noting that it’s very sketchy what they did this week by taking a bundle Originally priced for 800, for Instance, and still selling it for 800 while REMOVING pieces That were part of it to sell later probably for a similar amount. I didn’t catch it until some big YouTubers I follow made mention of it, which is a good sign that this was all done very purposefully and stealth fully since I usually am more observant than that.

They bamboozled us, and they clearly did it on purpose just to make a point. I’m frankly disappointed that they would do something like that so blatantly. I don’t really know what else to say other than I wish I had maintained my stance to not buy any more items for the sake of everyone’s solidarity. But I did make a statement that if they changed some things and it looked like improvements then I would buy something to support the store, so in a way I was stuck in a trap of my own making.

How can they really recover our good Will after this one?


There really is no shame in buying cosmetics from time to time. It really does support the game in the long term. I just think how 343 is doing things now is just way too aggressive. There isn’t even much content in the game itself to try to push the in game store this hard with such aggressive prices.


It’s the evidently spiteful way it’s being handled that gets me


Apparently its too difficult for them to set up a catalogue of sorts to choose from, like some other FTP games do.



They’ve taken a fundamental part of Halo, stripped it from the game and are selling it back to us at extortionate prices.

They had the perfect opportunity to be less scummy than games like Apex and CoD and they’ve squandered it. As well as quickly depleting any good will i have towards the game.


That’s what kills me. The Menu UI has been one off the biggest criticisms since the “beta”, and really since the flights. It’s like they can’t button down how to make a clean menu


I remember Halo 4’s menu aesthetic, kinda miss it, thought that had no store

its really getting embarrassing, as both a halo game & a FTP game. sure it will evolve but theres no excuse when theres other games out there in the same monetary genre that do it better than them.


It’s insulting that they would sell a single helmet for 7$ and a Bundle for 4$ in the same week.

“Ohh but the helmet is Legendary-”

Shut up, it’s no different or more special than a common helmet and you bloody know it. Item rarity in a game without anything to inherently make items more rare or special is a joke. Helmets should all be sold at the same standardized price, and that price should be cheaper on its own than any bundle is.

If a Bundle of two items is $4, sell an individual item at $3.


I totally would have bought a full ODST themed set for like $10 too, I’ve been waiting for that for the mk7 set. The only reason I use the reach armor is for the ODST parts you can use

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I’ve always been an Elite player, but when I can’t be an Elite I settle for being an ODST.

Actually you and I know eachother from the Halo 3 days. My gamertag was either Legend ST or Lord Empyreal back then.


I do recall, hit me up sometime if you’re playing. I haven’t Maine’d an elite in a while myself

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Sorry, but this is the part where I start assuming people have something called… responsibility. Cosmetics are just that, cosmetics. I mean, I know you’ll understand since you’re a grown adult. If these people are legitimately having a hard time coughing up a few bucks, they probably shouldn’t be buying any of these cosmetics.

It’s tough, but these cosmetics do absolutely nothing for their gameplay.

Maybe after the season is over, they can throw some rare items as the weekly challenges.

the price isn’t the point at this juncture, its the manipulative way they’re doing it


Yeah, the FOMO, want you mentioned about striping items away from bundles, how they took away colors to charge us for them. They could have been respectable and still made money. I guess they didn’t want that.


The individual armor pieces are a bit of a rip off. Since individual pieces exist there might be a bundle where these pieces (+ some BS emblems) will be available for a better price.


They don’t plan on to, and they will continue to manipulate things as they see fit because the community is of no concern. It’s all the players that won’t ever see posts like this or ever read up on things that just throw money around is what their focus is on.

The game started off as a lie and 343 has shown since then that they have no problem taking advantage of people. 343 has become just as fake as Bungie today, and they are following in their footsteps with no shame putting it right in front of everyone’s face saying we don’t care about creating a decent game, we just want your money.


The one video where they admitted they knew they would upset people with what they were doing but did it anyways. That’s what gets me the most out of everything. It’s hard to respect a game studio that doesn’t want to make it’s fans happy. Without the fans Halo would have never become a household name, but I guess 343 doesn’t care about that so long as they can make a quick buck :pensive:


After what the CM said and knowing all the lies 343 said over the years seeing how the game turned out the complete opposite of what they said. That is all I needed to know that the higher-ups are as about as dumb as anyone can be.

I mean the game is losing players left and right, and they refuse to see their greed is a huge part of the reason. they even went to the extent of lying saying there were 20 million registered players to try to make themselves “sound good”. This is how fake they actually are.


100% this.
They obviously know what we want, but they’re doing it on purpose at this point. There’s NO WAY 343’s marketing team is so braindead to imagine that when players want “items sold individually” to mean they should only sell 1 piece per week at an insanely markup price.

People wanted and expected maybe the bundle itself for 1400 Cr, then each piece sold separately in the same week for around 400 Cr per piece for example.

343 Marketing team needs to all get fired and replaced before they lose anymore goodwill the devs are earning back from the fans.

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Exactly. I’m someone who really has been vocal about my distaste of the in-game store and handling of customization since its onset. However, it’s not because I magically want the store to disappear. I actually WANT to be able to buy some neat new cosmetics, like the Firefall helmet. My problem is the aggressive FOMO and inflated prices (like 7$ just for the Firefall helmet alone) combined with the stripping of old features like the color palette just to make more money using the divisive and greedy coating system (which could’ve been AWESOME as an addition to the old color selection). This is made worse by the lack of content which I don’t feel like supporting.

For people who touted a “player first” and “player expression” , the current system feels like “wallet first” and “money expression.”