I just had an idea about Spartan Ops...

We already know there won’t be a season 2, at least not on Halo 4. That is completely understandable, of course, but at the same time extremely disappointing. Considering all the stories and characters left at loose ends and the shear amount of potential Spartan Ops has as an idea, it’s sad to see it go away.

Today I came up with an answer, a fix. This will be Spartan Ops DLC with new and improved missions, on new maps and with new CGI cutscenes in Halo 4… BUT it will only be three episodes. Three episodes amount to about six or seven different maps (assuming each one will play at least twice- more on that later), it would contain a mini-arc in the story to help set up Halo 5/Xbox One and the missions themselves would each be tied directly to the cutscenes.

This would be the Spartan Ops experience we’ve always hoped for as each week would introduce new maps and directly affect the story of the cutscenes, which would follow a major event leading up to the next major Halo game. The missions themselves would be more varied and less straightforward, on bigger maps filled with replayability and with collectibles (skulls?) and achievements. This release would also be an ample opportunity to fix some issues in Spartan Ops (such as setting checkpoints in the new missions instead of infinite respawns).

How would a three episode arc be superior to a season? Well, first of all, much less work and much less money would need to be invested in it than a full season, and so the money they do use will allow them more freedom- quality over quantity. Different mission types will not grow old, nor would maps. The maps themselves would only ever repeat in the same given episode (like how Infinity was exclusive to episode 7) and when that happens it would be following a certain in-mission storyline with - no more will we see all of the maps in the first episode only to see the exact same set again and again and again with ridiculous story excuses as to why it’s happening. Maps would be spread out throughout the three episodes smartly and we would get around two new maps per episode (which would play multiple times).

This way, each Spartan Ops episode would feel much more like an ongoing storyline. Each week will be fresh, interesting and exiting and each week would also introduce fun new gameplay experiences (maybe as far as a Scarab battle a la Halo 3 in the final mission of Episode 3).

The DLC itself would cost 1200 as a whole or 400 per episode and would be very much worth the money (each episode will be about 1-1.5 hours the first time around and replaying it would be promoted by achievements and the general fun of it). As a plot that directly leads into the next Halo, this would attract many people (especially if it’s accurately promoted). This would also give Spartan Ops a second chance to achieve its potential, and the feedback it would give could be much more accurate considering Spartan Ops’ season 1 can definitely be improved upon.