I just got beat badly

Hi im legit wow he is really good a predicting movements had a blast playing him in two 1v1s where I got slaughttered its all good I got off some amazing kills like I lobbed two gernades way into the sky and the fell right on top of him its a must see
truely made my day thanks light.

ps bet this post gers removed lol waypoint mods…

I think this is technically spam and will get locked or moved.

Regardless, GG. The replay is on my fileshare as “PGL 4SK TS” for anyone who wanted to see it. I was hoping to clean house 20-0 but I choked a few times. :confused:

Direct link because I’m a nice guy (sometimes).

Running into people you know is the best part of playing Halo. Too bad everyone I knew from Halo 3 and Reach quit a long time ago.

The other day I ran into a big party of Waypointer’s including Oompaa. Was pretty cool.

Good man for not quitting :slight_smile:

I never run into you guys.

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