I just found the flood

:slightly_smiling_face: In the 2nd mission where you go through the walkway with the floating blocks with different species on them, in the room with the elevator to the boss fight, on the other side there is another corridor that takes you to a room with a flood block protected by shields!
Iv’e like done campaign 3 times already and only just noticed this lol


Ahhh, just completed the 2nd mission on Legendary. Might restart just so I can see lol

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Pick up the invisible tank cannon on outpost tremonios, I just finished legendary, those boss fights are easier with it.
343 teasing us lol I love this campaign :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s what I’ve heard. Should help with that last brute with the hammer :weary: Even on Heroic it was challenging.

Lore wise that sounds strange. Those blocks are to repopulate the universe. Why would forerunners preserve their greatest enemy? (Not counting the eternals)

We’re not entirely sure that it is the flood, it does bear the resemblance of a flood Infection form, but it also just looks like a spider or something with a tentacle face like the precursors

Well the flood were preserved on the rings and other installations for observation, experimentation, and hope of finding a cure. It looks like a DLC entry zone from a Bethesda game so that’s promising at least. And I think this is 343i’s way of televising Flood areas in their games vs. the very subtle and implicated way Bungie presented the Flood.

A little birdie (general kidd) told me (on YouTube) that the file name of that texture has the word “flood” in it.

While not specifically stated in game, the files connect the dots if you choose that path.

Oh well that would do it lol

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Not at all, they want to study the flood to hopefully find a cure one day. While the Halos were designed to wipe out the flood in our galaxy, the reach of the flood spreads across the universe. They wanted to be prepared in case they return

I haven’t read all the books but according to some of the posts I’ve seen on the forum, Zeta had a lot of experiments on the flood. If that’s the case, I feel it would make sense to find them at some point.

Since the Banished easily dispatched of the Flood on the Ark, I can see it possible that 343 can bring the Flood back at some point as a lesser threat to the universe compared to whatever the Endless are.