I just can't bring myself to care about multiplayer and here is why

I really really wanted to be excited about this game and love it but I am not even going to play it tonight, or probably again until some major changes are made. Here is why I just can’t.

I have always found my enjoyment in halo from being competitive. For me, winning and pushing myself to be better in moment to moment gameplay is where I find my enjoyment. With no stats to track my performance and no in game incentive for winning matches I find myself completely apathetic toward this game. I feel like there are no stats to save the feelings of a bunch of casuals, and honestly that is probably the same reason scope glare was added. I’m sorry but if you have trouble spotting an enemy cross map, maybe you should go play call of duty.

Furthermore, I can’t even finish the stupid challenges for the second week in a row. I am stuck on “win two strongholds matches”, and I am 3 battlepass levels away from my next skip. I am not going to sit here and play 100 matches waiting for rng to decide I can play stronghold, and then pray that I have competent teammates (probably not going to happen, let’s be real). Considering my alternative is either to play who knows how many matches I have no interest in to gain 3 levels to get a skip, or give you money for a skip, essentially paying you to fix a problem you caused.

I am done with this game for these reasons. It just isn’t fun for me and I don’t see how it can be until changes are made. I would much rather go play 7 days to die, or last epoch, or literally any other game in my library at this point. I really miss the Bungie Halo multiplayer experience.


Feel the same way i always loved testing how much better i could get in halo 3 collecting 50s in different play list now there is no incentive to play the stats are non existent and hidden away you dont even have a variety of playlists they force you to play oddball of all things in ranked its an absolute joke.


Are you referring to your stats in Ranked? They are available on halotracker.com.

If it is taking too long to complete a challenge, then swap it. I completed the Battle Pass more than a week ago, and I always complete the weekly Capstone by swapping challenges that take too long or that I don’t care to complete for various reasons.

I already wasted one swap on it. It swapped it from two oddball wins to two stronghold wins. That’s no better. And also I do know about Halo tracker, but I don’t care about my ranked stats. I wanted all of my stats aggregated like it used to.

I guess you don’t understand what I’m saying really, but having to go up three more levels on the battle pass just to get another swap that might end up just screwing me over again, is not fun for me.


Yeah I can’t bring my self to try to get better either. I used to be so into competitive and now it’s just feels like a child’s game. Que sounds everywhere. Bright colors. No collision. Outlines. It’s just Halo on training wheels


The thing that really pisses me off about this game is that it’s so close to being good.


Trying to please everyone ended up pleasing no one because even the die hard Halo infinite fans can’t deny that launching without co op is a serious problem.

People are giving this game way more credit than it deserves


I’ve already said this too many times on this forum, but I wish this game was more like reach. Reach had a dope progression system. It was so fun. This is just bland.


You are 100% right about this. Honestly they should just worry about pleasing the hardcore Halo fans that have been here 20 years. Halo is a strong enough game concept that the casual fans will become hardcore fans if you just give them enough time. We don’t need to cater to them. Seriously.


Thank you. I garentee a carbon copy of h2-h3 would be a massive success. Idk why they are so scared to try a no Sprint Halo. It’s based on qauke and doom. I WANT to bounce around


I would just be happy to have more than one ranked server. One? Really? I mean if it were a perfect world I could have society back to the way it was when I used to play Halo, with people talking trash about each other and teabagging, and actually acting like people. That was fun. But I would just settle for having like stats and a few more ranked servers.

Do you mean ranked playlists? Because infinite has
more than one server

Yeah. I meant ranked playlists, like when you used to be able to get 50s on different things. That was actually fun and gave people a reason to care about the game.

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Or just leave games until you get the mode you need. The game won’t punish you anyway. A 5-10 minute ban after quitting 7 or 8 in a row games. Wow it’s nothing, who cares?

The system is terrible so just quit games till you get what you want. If they see we aren’t playing as they intended due to their challenges they will have to take action.

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If I have to sit here and game a broken system to get progress I would rather just not deal with this game at all. Big updates that are a whole lot of fun just came out on basically every other game I play. Why would I bother?

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That logic can be applied to anything. It depends how much you want to play halo or how much you care about the incredibly dull battlepass content.

I couldn’t apply that logic to a game that wasn’t -Yoink!-.

It’s censored me, so I’ll just say to a game that wasn’t half-hearted

Why should I go to the gym today? It’s difficult, sweaty and time consuming.

Halo is at home and it just got a new playlist update.

To an extent it can be applied but, I know exactly what you’re saying.

Forget the battlepass bro. It’s all boring cosmetics. Incredibly boring. Buy one of the cool skins if cosmetics are high on your priority list and then just enjoy playing ranked.

Honestly I hate ranked. Ranked is what used to be called MLG And I have never liked MLG. And unfortunately I already bought the stupid season pass. I don’t want to buy one of the nice looking skins because I don’t want to support some esports team I know nothing or care nothing about. I would feel like a total tool if I were walking around with someone’s emblem stuck to my armor that I knew absolutely not one thing about. And I’m just not really into watching people play video games in general. Even if it is Halo.

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