I just can have fun with this...

I’m really -Yoinking!- disappointed and pissed off. I always die from -Yoink-. I always get paired up with -Yoink- teammates and now I’m constantly getting demoted after every match. Thruster pack really needs a nerf. Decrease the distance on the thruster pack. You can easily dodge basically every grenade with Thruster Pack. It feels like a -Yoink- twitch shooter! When I get shot at, I’m most likely going to lose the gunfight. Halo has never been a twitch shooter and you always had a fighting chance even when you’ve been shot first. Please nerf the Assault Rifle and SMG. Especially the SMG. Please fix these problems. I know it’s a Beta but please fix this.

Firstly, your title is ‘I just can have fun with this’ which doesn’t quite match your attitude towards it.

Secondly you cannot dodge every grenade with a thruster pack. The cooldown on it balances it very well and stops it from being overused. Dodging grenades with it is the least objectionable thing anyone can say about it since grenade spam has always been so prevalent.

SMG is basically a power weapon now. At close range it should win. A slight range reduction would be ok.

Likewise the Assault Rifle has finally become a viable weapon, it should not be nerfed back to the completely useless state of previous games. A slight range reduction is the only thing that can justifiably be done to it without reverting the game into a BR fest.

Also Halo has never given people a fighting chance when they get shot first. When it only takes 4 shots to the head to kill the first person to shoot will win unless they miss. Now thrusters add a new dynamic to that and give you the ability to dodge into cover quickly upon taking that first shot.