I just 1v2'd 2 kids for 1.5 hr

Docks, my Cutter w/ 13star tanks vs double Forge. It was never in doubt. I’ve always wanted this map / leader combo to 1v2 against; it was fun as heck. Here’s the link to the game:


The kids weren’t good obviously, but were by no means terrible. As u can see in the stats they built a lot of tanks and air. They mostly built tanks and air at the same time forcing me to deal with 2 unit types at once.

I’m not posting to brag, I’m just wondering if anyone else has done anything like this. I’m sure we all have 1v2/1v3 BKs before. But this was and hour and a half, and they weren’t terrible, nor did i severely cripple them early on. I allowed them their 5 bases on their side.

Anyone want to comment / share?

I did a 3 hour 1v2 on terminal Morraine like a year and a half ago I got pushed back so all I had was one of the side bases but they just couldn’t get me out of there. it was party teams too so I was surprised by their lack of co-ordination. I’ve also won a few 1v3s but I had to rush an opponent off the map to make it a 1v2 ASAP else the fact of being outnumbered 3 to 1 at every turn would have made the game a drag. I’e also had a fair few 2v3’s

Mostly every random 3v3 may as well be 1v3 for all the input my allies give to the match usually.

When it comes to a long super turtle match, Cutter has a pretty big advantage from his Mac and ODSTs

I didn’t save the link to this game but I wish that I did.

anyway; I was playing 1v1 against a complete BK and just rofl stomped him on about 3 mins with a hunter rush. I send a GG and he sends back “-Yoinking!- rusher youz gots noe skills” or something.

I think I sent “you’re trash” or something back and he said “MLG rules say a rush should only happen at 6 mins, and that if it’s under that it’s against the rules”.

after sending about 10 messages of me laughing painfully hard; he invites me to party. I join but I don’t put my mic in. he wants to 1v1 me again with no rush rule. lol. so I send “ok bad kid”.

he was in a 2v2 at the time though and it sounded like his team mate was complete trash as well. they were taking far too long so I got bored and sent a message saying I’ll 1v2 you with an easy AI.

so they agree and when they finally finish their 10 TS 2v2 they set it up and I join. they make the map frozen valley and give me a random easy AI.

the game starts and I end up with a forge AI and I’m cutter. I send my hog to the far base on my side and double base. I scout Immediately to see if they are going to pull a rush and then say I’m bad(but if they rushed me it wouldn’t really matter). they just have pads so no rush. I think their leaders were anders and brute. I took a third base and played really conservatively using some spartan tanks to harass. I saw that they didn’t take their reactor so I pelicaned a marine and took it right in front of them; they only realised at about the 12 min mark lol. by 10 mins I had 40/40 pop of pt tanks, dual launcher wolverines and spartan laser going up along with 2xmac.

both of them were on 1 base still. the brute had gone for hunters and the anders for hawks. I attacked the anders and as soon as I moved out max hunters came raining down on my expansion. on my third base I started to put up air pads and upgrade hornets. my main army took minimal losses(1 tank, 1 wolverine) and I wiped out the anders. I marched on to the brute’s base and his hunter army had only just reached the AI forge; who had flamers and marines waiting for him.

I crap on his base then race down to try and save the forge but it was too late. I canny glitched most of his hunters and then he resigned when he saw the hornets I made.

GG bad kids.

^Sounds like an Argument I had before. Also pretty sure i heard that one from you before on another thread.

MLG rules BS much.

Quite an Old link, Halo - Official Site (en)

been meaning to ask for a while, why on xXxPignubxXx and ITz rain does it show that they killed Plasma Rhino’s belonging to me? 1 It’s multi-player Rhinos don’t exist, 2 Covy wouldn’t get them anyway.

It’s not the only time Rhinos show in stats either, Just Google -“Tempist fox3” Rhino- there are quite a few occurrences.

Plasma rhino = offensive protector
I don’t know why they call it that.

I have won in 1v2 and 1v3 matches around 2009-2010 when the game was still young, and I still played it a lot. Usually, the other players I beat would send me messages saying “good game” and “you beat us all by your self and that was cool”. I did have some hate messages too.