I hope you do not mess up halo 5

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Like you did with halo 4 (worst game ever made)

You need to go back to the classic halo, the 2-3 way it was played and not rubbish like 4 and reach.

Keep it simple,

1, No guns picks at the start like COD (start with same 2 guns like in old halo)
2, Put the guns out on the map and you have to win them and all ways in the same places on every map
3, No sprinting
4, No jetpacks-stealth at the start none of that rubbish
5, Better maps like they did in halo 3 and 2 simple maps
6, Have over shield and stealth and bubbles + more on the maps like halo 3 in the same places
7, No instant respawn
8, More game game modes, 3v3, 4v4, 2v2, team sniper and have them all ways playable and no added!!!

Or it will be R.I.P Halo