I hope Waypoint's colors are just off.

Because they completely skipped indigo or purple on Spartan Companies and went straight to magenta. I know this seems like a minor detail, but coming from an artistic perspective, the gap in hue value between blue and “purple” is massive compared to all the other differences in color within the choices given by this customizer. I’m going over the colors with an eyedropper tool now and finding out the exact gaps, going in increments of 3 (or just going to the darkest/most saturated hue/value).

Turquoise > blue = about 20 hue values in the HSV (hue saturation value) categorization.

Turquoise > Teal/Blue-ish green = about another 20 hue values. Many of the gaps are like this so I’ll spare you. However…

Blue > “purple”? = about almost 70 hue values.

The next biggest gap is between red and pink, which is 35-40 values. That’s half the gap between blue and the next color over.

Again, I hate to sound like I’m grasping at straws, trying to find a reason to hate, but I’ve been one of the more supportive players towards 343 and their shenanigans since Halo 4–Meaning I don’t throw tantrums because I like certain gametypes better or worse than others or prefer certain Halo games. That being said, how can they just leave out an important color? I mean, they have like 3 kinds of brown–6 if you consider how close the other oranges and tans are. They couldn’t give us just one deep purple–one that doesn’t look like pink? Purple and Turquoise is my signature color combo, especially in Halo. I’d really, really hate to lose it. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but imagine if instead of red they had just the option of pink or orange – or instead of blue you had turquoise or purple as your options. Additionally, while this is my opinion, it is also objectively an oversight if it carries over to the game. It interrupts potential color harmonies – Purple and Turquoise are proven to work well when done together properly. It just seems like an obvious, good idea to try to allow for color harmonies, even if most players won’t understand or use them.

Lastly, I just really loathe the idea of being associated with Barney the Dinosaur–because those colors are the closest I can get.

They aren’t. The colour pool this time around is really limited, which is a point of some contention among people (including myself)

Still limited .