I hope Infinite isn't the last single player experience with The Master Chief

From Halo 4 and Halo 5 to Paramount’s atrocity, the Master Chief is getting L after L with each new release. To 343is credit, Infinite gives the Master Chief amazing character development. But given how disappointing H4 and H5 were, this cannot or ever be the end of Chief.

Besides Kratos and Commander Shepard, Master Chief is easily my favorite gaming hero. Infinites campaign DLC better have TONS of playable Chief!


Halo 4 had a great story so not sure what you’re talking about there. Halo 5 was an overall disaster. The TV show is enjoyable and I’m fine in the direction it’s going due to it being a different timeline that’s non cannon and based off the difficulty of moving a video game to a TV medium.


It should be the end. 343 literally doesn’t have what it takes to create a Halo game, and to think they had all these years to learn how to and the only thing they grabbed onto was the BS BP/Shop instead of creating quality type of game.

If it isn’t the last, it seriously needs to be handed to a competent developer.


Bungie’s biggest mistake was not killing off Master Chief at the end of Halo 3.


Sad to say, but I agree. 4 5 and infinite haven’t amounted to anything other than humanity losing to the banished off screen and Cortana dying, becoming evil, dying again and being reborn. What a sham.


343 exists specifically to make Halo, the series won’t be handed over to another dev team.


As much as I have enjoyed the latter games, I also agree. Halo 3 gave Chief a poetic bookend to match his beginning. It really was perfect. I’d have much preferred he still be asleep drifting thru space, and that all subsequent titles either had featured other stories of the universe or straight up replaced chief by promoting another green armored soldier to his rank.

Ah well.


I think they should’ve made a few more games featuring other characters before making chief return. Like, make Locke the main character for an entire game or two, so chief and his fight can be as dramatic as 343 intended. As we would care for both sides. I feel like they rushed Chief’s return a bit.

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10 year game. We’re getting campaign DLC for sure.

Just saying, I know it’s just it needs to be because 343 destroyed Halo.

Infinite is the worst one they created yet. When the only thing it has going for it is just the gameplay. That’s pretty damn sad after a decade that shows they learned nothing at all as a developer.


I almost do hope it is. These new writers/companies that contract existing I.P’s seem to do noting but butcher the character’s within. Go off script and disrespect the fan base and try their hardest to tear apart cannon and lore. It’s infuriating.


The sad part is, him floating off into space was such a cool ending. The fight was done and chief was gone off somewhere in the Universe but without conclusively going “he died, the end.”

But unfortunately keeping him alive meant that some grubby executives could resurrect him in the name of profit.

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Rumors floated around back then that they really wanted to kill MC off at the end of Halo 3, and the ending cutscene where Arbiter was going back to Sangelios was the last cutscene. The rumors stated that Bungie wanted to kill him off but MS was like “uh… no.”

And since they were contracted to make another Halo, but didn’t really wanna add on to a perfect trilogy, their last Halo was a prequel : Reach.

Thhhhhhen came 343. You know the rest.

Eventually, Chief has to be retired or take a backseat, and question is who will replace him as the Human representative as well as Player Vessel? Personally? Definitely not anyone from Osiris, and definitely not another S2. What they should have done in H5 is to not introduce Locke at all, and instead have the Player’s character take an active role in the story as the one sent to Hunt Chief.

If Noble Six was still alive by H5’s time, I bet my buttocks all two of them that he would have been sent after Chief as a Headhunter.

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Probably be the last Halo game if this one fails for a really long time…

They literally made a show.

Halo is doing good.

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They’re just placing all their money on one bet in an all or nothing gamble.

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We should have played as our own Spartan or Elite in Halo 4, 5, and Infinite’s campaigns just like Reach.

I think we should all be open to a new playable character. They’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of the chief, but it can’t make sense forever. I would love to see him get the time to become an NPC before he’s retired, but I think he should’ve stopped being the player character after 3.

I’m of the mind that all Halo games that starred the Master Chief after Halo CE weren’t part of my expected cannon. That is to say HaloCE is my one Halo where I believe in the experience enough that anything following it is just the adventures of Master Chief. I finally grew to enjoy Halo2 for it’s brilliance despite some some obvious flaws too and Halo3 did it’s own thing that I also enjoyed for what it is. But these sequels despite a high quality are different enough in feel and design that means they never feel like true successors to me personally

I also have enjoyed both Halo 4 and Halo 5 for what they were but they even more removed

Halo Infinite I must confess to have been enjoying a fair bit until a few months back when I discovered I couldn’t play the campaign offline when digitally downloaded. It’s not a problem for some but I like to know I can still play my games down the line and that’s not something we can confidently know unfortunately. We’re in a time now where MS has seen it necessary that the campaign remains locked behind a 24hour DRM when digitally downloaded to xbox. It’s not necessary of course but they have done it anyway and it’s just given me a valid reason to move on from the series… Love Master Chief but 343 has given me a valid reason not to care anymore

Here’s to all the fun times I’ve had experiencing adventures with Master Chief

I think this anyway wil be the last time for Master Chief so maybe skipping Infinite entirely isn’t so bad

I seriously wish 343 never tried to continue the story. To me the story felt finished with 3 and anything tacked onto it just feels pointless, I just can’t make myself care about the story from Halo 4 onwards.

343 should have taken the same approach Bungie did post Halo 3 and take smaller stories from the Halo lore and turn them into fully fleshed out campaigns or even one off missions. Hell that could have been the entire tagline of Halo Infinite, infinite stories.

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