I hope Halo Infinite gets the MCC treatment with an anti-cheat disabled version for modding

I love seeing the crazy mods that are added to the Halo MCC on PC, and I would just love to see this support being added to Halo Infinite!
I just want to customize my campaign experience in a way that 343 can’t or shouldn’t put resources into.
Yes, I’m still sad we couldn’t get the Orion armour in Halo Infinite

Would you like to see Modding support for Halo Infinite?

  • Yes I would love to mod the game!
  • Sure, I guess.
  • I don’t see why we would need that.
  • Never. People would just make a UwU catgirl Cortana mod (I hate myself for typing that)

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More modding support would be appreciated

I’d go one step further and ask for a community server browser, it’s kept games such as cs:s alive years after they’ve been left in the dust.

Since there are already a bunch of hackers and modders, it would be in 343’s best interest to do this anyway, just to separate them from the online version, and improve anticheat. The multiplayer and campaign mods I’ve seen are pretty cool so far, but the aim bots and wall hacking need to be stopped. I liked watching people make CPU bosses fight each other, and people playing as the Banished and bosses, as well as importing weapons and vehicles that were cut or leftover from Halo 5. That type of modding should be allowed to stay with an anticheat client.