I hope Firefight isn't boss heavy.

I don’t mind a boss fight or two, but I hope Firefight Warzone isn’t like 30 seconds of little guys, then like 10 minutes of hard core bullet sponges. I just want to shoot lots of little things like 90% of the time. They can still be challenging, but I just want a gazillion of them to shoot at, that’s all.

Also, I hope we get 3 main modes:

  1. Competitive challenging tryhard Firefight

  2. Casual relax-with-friends-and-beers Firefight

  3. Solo Score Attack Firefight (Gruntpocalypse anyone?)

I agree.

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> 3. Solo Score Attack Firefight (Gruntpocalypse anyone?)

Bring on the Unggoy!!!

I think it should be 5 rounds, each round (with random skulls each round) has 4 or 5 waves in it of mixtures of tons of enemies (they already said it will have the most enemies on screen ever for the franchise), and at the end of each round a DIFFERENT boss. I think that would be good. However, I don’t want to play 5 wardens with slightly different modifiers.

I think you might want to check out the trailer again. From what is shown it looks like firefight will be five rounds long, with the rounds consisting of a random objective and a time limit. The first few rounds will have relatively simple objective, in the trailer there is kill 100 crawlers, also kill 15 knights. Then round five, maybe even round four will have something to do with a boss. In the trailer one objective is kill all covenant bosses.