I hope 343 adds doubles soon.

I really hope 343 adds doubles soon. This game is fun and all but not everyone has a full team of 4 thats always online. It starts to take its toll going in alone or with a friend and getting stomped by a team of 4. At least in doubles with a friend a loss is entirely your fault.

And also I always feel as if I’m constantly getting matched up against a full team. I’ll view gamer cards after a match and see they are all in a party . Even when I go in solo. Also what is with getting matched up against the same team multiple times in a row. If I get matches up against a full team I have to like back out to dodge them or I get matched up against them again.

When bungie made halo they always launched with a doubles playlist. Apparently 343 didn’t get the memo.

i agree with you dude 100%… me and another friend of mine want team doubles also

Doubles… the beloved playlist that 343 has never released at launch. Twice, they pissed off the community, and continued down that same path a third time.
Right, because waiting a few months for the playlist you enjoy is not a big deal at all.
News Flash: 2v2 plays nothing like 4v4. Forcing people to play 4v4 while you think about possibly releasing 2v2 for a weekend isn’t going to satisfy their needs as paying customers, especially when it’s something that was popular in the old titles.

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Right, I feel like doubles has always been a staple in the series and 343 doesn’t understand that. So far I feel like whoever makes the playlist decisions at 343 needs to be replaced. All bungie halos launched with good ranked and social playlists that kept us busy for a long time. It’s as if 343 just has such a hard time comprehending how to make a decent playlist. I mean come on before the update over the weekend you could only get 4 maps in the playlists? Seiously? The other maps were there and just not used? Like what are they thinking…