I hit 50

now what? I feel no desire to play anymore what else is there to do?

Go for competitive rank? Rank 50 really doesn’t mean anything at all. Actual ranked play does.

I’m still chilling at 49

I’m at 31. I’ve used to play more during the first month or two of release though. I just find multiplayer to be extremely gratuitous. I haven’t played blitz since the first two months of release, and all you get for leveling up are blitz packs. But primarily the lack of leader diversity (mirror match-ups are so boring) and people exploiting game breaking mechanics just REALLY puts me off. I know we’re getting there, but the things I’ve stated along with the lack of season rewards will just result me in occasionally playing skirmish. Hell I’d play without season rewards if the other stuff were addressed. You guys seem pretty good, so props to you guys for pushing on.

Just like legoman said you should probably go for competitive rank (or just play for fun).
You could go for achievements too.

im not actually sure why they added this rank mechanic to the game, once we all hit 50 it wont even be able to tell you how many games a person has probably played. Which is the only thing its really good for now.

I just hit 50 today myself. Sort of a let down, I liked going for the daily and weekly in game challenges for the exp. not much point in going for in game challenges now other than blitz packs and I’m not a big blitz fan…

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> Go for competitive rank? Rank 50 really doesn’t mean anything at all. Actual ranked play does.

I actually got a renewed interest in the game because of this. My friends hadn’t been on a lot recently so I decided to finally try ranked 1v1s for the first time and after climbing a few ranks I got hooked. I even fought harder when playing 2s and 3s to hit champion and enjoyed the tougher competition that entailed. Season 5 soured things up but I expect to get back at it once the YapYap and the Forge fix drops.