I heard the dev pushing for crosscore who achieved getting us visors cross was fired

more info on this?
some people saying that essentially they put a stop to those plans?

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This just seems like a weird rumor. Even if it were true, I don’t think this guy being fired would be the determining factor in cross-core being implemented or not.

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I mean with this 1400 point back Id be willing to bet cross core isnt coming and this 1600 pack? because its a diff core specific? yeah doubt

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Sure, that sucks, and I think that’s indicative of cross-core maybe being silently cancelled, but that’s not contingent on this guy you’re talking about being fired.

Even if it was just one dude who was adamant about pushing cross-core I highly doubt he was fired during the large Microsoft layoff. From my understanding basically everyone that was let go from 343 where campaign specific workers. And I highly doubt that anyone who is working campaign would have been the sole voice in the building pushing Cross Core and succeeding.

Universal cross core is never going to happen. We might get universal helmets, but expecting anything besides **some ** coatings to be cross core is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

You’re going to see stuff like the current shop bundle for the next ten years, but hopefully we’ll get more stuff like the series of steel coatings too

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Next two years maybe, anyone who thinks Infinite is still going with the 10 year plan is kidding themselves.


That surely is just a rumour at best. I hardly believe one developer was pushing cross core and then they got fired and it stopped with them. That seems untrue.

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I doubt that too, but there was one who appeared in some livestreams and may have mentioned cross-core. I can’t quite remember, but I think his role was Head of Design or something like that. I’m pretty sure he quit or was fired sometime last year.

No, it was promised by 343 during the presentation of the season 2 battle pass: Cross core for everything within canon cores. But they sure as hell taking their sweet time.

Jerry Hook promised it roughly 11 months ago during the presentation of season 2 battle pass.

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I think this is where the ‘fired’ rumor came from.

Jerry Hook wasn’t fire, but he did leave 343 in the last 11 months.