I haven’t gone back to Halo infinite

I haven’t gone back to this game in about a month. Finished the battle pass and realised I don’t want to grind this game ever again. The social is so sbmm heavy that’s it’s not enjoyable for causal play. I don’t wanna go pro, i don’t want to play sweaty i have a busy life outiside of xbox live. The campaign after some thought was still disappointing to me. So this isn’t a post for feedback, it’s a post for casuals like me that this halo is okay to just leave. Had more fun with final fantasy 7 during the sale. Halo has changed and there will always be mcc to go back to when you fancy some casual halo with friends. Thank you 343.


Thats cool. You shouldn’t play games that aren’t fun for you. Personally, I haven’t left and its all I’ve been playing (even though Im reallllly waiting on some updates). I haven’t gone back to elite dangerous since 2018

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