I have tried everything i can think of

So at the end of the breaking mission right as i was killing the last warden. I used my booster to dodge and he hit me with a glancing blow. this caused me to glitch inside a nearby pillar right as i got the checkpoint. i have tried everything i can think of.i cannot restart the mission(or i am being dumb and over looking the option). does anyone have any ideas, i am almost finished with the campaign and would like to finish but i am having no luck removing myself from the pillar, any ideas?

I remember in previous games if you died quick enough right after a checkpoint a bunch it will revert to the checkpoint before. Try killing yourself a bunch, if that doesn’t work you are SOL.

Go to title screen and restart mission.

If you don’t want to restart the mission, try getting a friend in there for Co op and getting the next checkpoint. Otherwise, I don’t know what to tell you that’s really -Yoink-.