I HAVE to do THIS challenge now!?!?

Wow so first I had to actually get a kill on a good player for the killjoy medal but now the game expects me to actually go on killing sprees 4 times??? Insane challenges holy COW guys. 343 really messed up here for sure as these challenges require skill and more than 5 games!!!

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A killing spree really isn’t that difficult in swat. All you have to do is be decent at headshots, and run into a terrible team, which is OFTEN.

343i bring back open lobbies & open communication.

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In a gametype were you die in one shot, yes, this is some bullsh*t.

sprees aren’t that hard… and hay! i’d say going on sprees are better and easier than throwing the game for killjoys

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Killing sprees are challenging, killjoys are lucky. Challenges should be challenging, not lucky.

Lol it’s called a “challenge” for a reason man

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What exactly are you getting out of this challenge? I don’t play any 343 bastardizations of halo, I’m just curious as to what benefit you’d receive for completing it.

Ooh, another disingenuous question. How many times have you asked that about Infiniate now?

Oh, well, you know the answer you’re pretending to seek:

What’s infiniate? 20 chars

Ha ha - well done! Well spotted

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I had the 4 killing spree challenge and it took me 16 games to clear it because it’s so easy to die in swat. I think it’s one of the hardest challenges you can get for the event.

The ultimate challenge was much easier! (25 kills with the mangler).

It clears another tier in the event pass so it unlocks a cosmetic. I know you know the benefit of those :smile:

I’m a terrible SWAT player… and I’ve had three or four streaks in four games.

It’s not that hard in this game type.

It kind of lends itself to runs of kills for and against.

Instead of getting rid of “get killjoys” they made “get killing sprees” along side it to make it HOPEFULLY easier but that’s not the case, still pure luke getting killjoys.
That’s not better.