I have this idea.

It sounds dumb and most friends told me it is useless but I’ve been working on a forge world remake of Sword Base. Now most people tell me “Y Itz alredyz in teh gamez” I reply by saying it creative. I think I am doing pretty good and im making sure it is on scale with the regular sword base. Does this ideas sound stupid?

Depends what your doing differently from Sword base and the version you make. If it adds new things or changes certain features then its based on what you change. If your just doing it to remake it then the question becomes why were you doing it in the first place

I had the exact same idea but never followed through with it. Are you changing certain features?

Actually not at all, however i had an idea similar that i m going to make my next project, i think, it will be a remake of the beginning section of Mission oni sword base, but im going to look and see if its been done first.
Though my friend RDFs friend Mecha chrispy already did sword base so its not surprising or wierd.