I have the team animal emblems... why?

I haven’t went on Halo 4 after 3 months then when I got back on the 20th to get the new DLC. I, for some reason, have the animals emblems and backgrounds. I heard rumors that you can get banned for using them. Is that correct? I want to use them but I’m afraid. Also, why do I have them?

Thank you for reading.

I wouldn’t use them. Thus far only those who have modded their Xbox’s use them and they are subject to a ban. So ere on the side of caution on this one.

But why do I have them? I don’t modify my game content in anyway, I just somehow have them.

Too bad you can’t use them. A freakin’ T-Rex would actually be an acceptable replacement for my old Spades Emblem. Good God why would they throw away the Card Suits… ?

Most of the time I read on here that if people see others using them they should report them to Xbox live for modding so you may not want to use them yet until a 343i staff member says it’s OK.

bs angel was on earlier, hopefully she sees this.

But I don’t mod my content. I just had them. I haven’t played Halo 4 for 3 months.

No idea then. Just don’t use them and you’ll be fine.

If BS Angel doesn’t respond to this thread I suggest you try sending her a PM.