I have the solution to future Halo games

Make one game that is 100% multiplayer focused, this can be a Live service Halo, or whatever you call it!

Release the single player game when its ready as a standalone game, dont rush the single player experience.

Make 2 different studios working on each project.

Halo Inifninte is a broken mess, they cant add new stuff to a broken UI.
Im pretty sure thats why they cant add couch co-op, the menu cant be changed without redoing everything else.

Im pretty sure the Forge Beta is not going to be released in November, they dont know how to add it unless they delete something in the menu.

so from what i have seen and heard the whole engine is a mess. Microsoft hired based on contracts and so after 2 years of work you could be replaced. that left a substantial amount of code written by someone else. Imagin coming in for a new job and told to work on someone else’s code that is half baked. you will have a grand ole time trying to fix it and then add to it, so everything works properly.
so that’s a huge f-up
the live service model and the campaign being together is not the overarching problem, nor is the single studio itself to blame. if it were multiple i agree things would move faster but the fact remains that the engin itself is flawed beyond belief.
what 343 is doing now with all this time is fixing the engine so it is in a place where they can release new content fairly quickly, add and subtract modes and i bet add campaigns as well
infinite is meant to be a platform not standalone halo title. but one where you can access multiple campaigns and a singular multiplayer across them all.
so in a sense they do have two separate teams working on this.

so id say the future of halo is campaigns being 60$ and free multiplayer extending across each campaign, i won’t lie, the campaign played is not worth 60$ alone, which is how it was sold. everything else about how they handled this game is flawed to the core. you want people to see the value in buying your campaign, add some more stuff that can be used in multiplayer, make the campaign multiplayer. give the players ways to make their own fun because it is clear that 343 isn’t looking at halo as something fun,… just how much money they can get from it… or thats how it appears anyway and the public sentiment can make or break a game. by being all in on not telling the people who payed them… ya know investors who spent the 60$ because they believed in your game… by not being transparent with them… 343 shoots itself in the foot and says look what you made me do like a bunch of fools

everyone who watches the live streams have questions and its clear that during the live streams 343 is censoring itself as if to hide stuff… which i mean makes sense to a degree… if the player base is there and has faith in you… they don’t… and 343 is still hiding stuff… the predicament halo is in now is due to mismanagement of the highest degree… so recently we have seen the company attempt to rectify that… time will tell but remember, infinite is meant as a platform, if i had to guess the next campaign will launch with an entirely new system of menus and the engine will be far more efficient… but the multiplayer will be the same just with a plethora of new updates