I have some questions about H4 Limited Editio

How do you access the bonus content? Like do you enter a code? Or do you pop in a disk and download the stuff like that (what they did with Halo 3 Legendary Edition). The reason I am asking this is that my brother and I have separate Xbox Live accounts, and we don’t know how we will split the bonus content. I pre ordered (well my father…) from best buy. Best Buy comes with the deadeye helmet (just for one example). Can I and my brother both get the deadeye helmet? Or is it just one use and that’s it? Thanks.

I’m almost certain that all of it will be code —> download and that none of it will be on the disc. Depending on where you pre-ordered you should be getting the codes through email or through a paper carton that has the codes inside the game case. Sorry to disappoint you OP.