I have some predictions for what we might get as Armor Cores

So… currently we know of 5 Armor Cores in Halo Infinite.

  • Mark VII Gen3
  • Mark VI[B] Gen1
  • Yoroi Armor
  • Whatever Spartan Laurette Agryna is wearing in the Academy tutorial.
  • Mark VI Gen3 (Master Chief’s MJOLNIR Armor from the Campaign which we HOPEFULLY get to play with in multiplayer as well)

But I do have some predictions for what we might get in Halo Infinite sometime down the line for Armor sets. Some of these are highly likely, while others are somewhat unlikely or somewhat wishful thinking.

  • Mark IV Gen1
    (Halo Wars / Halo Wars 2 MJOLNIR armor)

  • Mark V
    (Halo CE Anniversary Mark V MJOLNIR)

  • Mark VI Gen1
    (Halo 2 & Halo 3 Mk.6 MJOLNIR)

  • Mark VI Gen2
    (Halo 4 & Halo 5 Guardians Mark VI MOD armor)

  • Mark VII Gen2
    (Halo 5 Guardians’ Decimator Armor Set)

  • ODST
    (an Armor Core that takes ODST Helljumper assets from all the Halo games, comics, and movies)

  • Mark VIII Gen3
    (since Halo Infinite is planned to be a decade-long running game, it is reasonable that we would eventually get a Mk.8 MJOLNIR Armor Core)

  • Mark IX Gen3
    (ditto but a Mk.9 MJOLNIR Armor Core)

  • Mark X Gen3
    (ditto but a Mk.10 MJOLNIR Armor Core)

  • SPI
    (a bit more likely than one would think, considering Halo MCC has the “Mirage” Armor Set in Halo 3)

  • Orion
    (another likely candidate, since Halo MCC now has the “Orion” Armor Set in Halo 2 Anniversary)

  • Belos
    (likely to be an Event Battle Pass Armor Core like the Yoroi armor)

  • Blackguard
    (likely to be an Event Battle Pass Armor Core like the Yoroi armor)

  • Drengr
    (likely to be an Event Battle Pass Armor Core like the Yoroi armor)

  • Prometheus
    (A merger between Halo 4’s Prefect Armor and Halo 5’s Hellcat Armor Design.)

  • Helioskrill
    (A Gen3 recreation of Halo 5’s Helioskrill Armor Set)

These are just some of my predictions of potential armors we might see. We may also see things such as crossover armor sets with the likes of Doom, Gears of War, and Fallout inspired Armor Cores. Perhaps we will see other Halo armor styles, such as Hunter as a reference to Fireteam Osiris, Venator, or Gungnir.

Anyone else have some hopeful predictions?

I for one am very hopeful that we will be able to unlock Master Chief’s Mark VI Gen3 as an Armor Core for playing the Campaign on harder difficulties.
ESPECIALLY given the fact that we have seen Kelly, Frederic, and Linda wearing the Mark VI Gen3 Armor BUT with their own unique helmets on the cover of Halo : Shadows of Reach.

This highly implies that we might be able to customize ourselves with such armor if we can unlock it in a future season or by playing the Campaign.

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I really like these ideas. I hope we get all the armor from MCC and most from Halo 5. I definitely want Achilles from Halo 5 and all of the old Roman looking armor from MCC. I really think they need to have more armor in the game now though. I’ll be honest I paid to get my battle pass to level 100 because I work 12 hours a day and the lack of armor is terrible.

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Dude SAME ! 12-16 hour shifts has been something that has been ongoing for me since March of 2020 !

As for the lack of armor? They have a lot more ready for us to use, they just haven’t let it loose yet. For example, in the first Insider we had access to more Helmets than we had in this current “beta”. It has been a while, but if memory serves me correctly, you could equip the Mark V Zeta helmet and a few of the other shoulder and chest pieces that were in the game. Now we just have access to some different armor selections with the added bonus of the Yoroi armor and the Mark V[b] armor.

This Halo game is going to be a decade long experience.
343 Industries, working with Certain Affinity once more, is going to slowly expand the multiplayer over that time.
We should be expecting to receive even more Armors.

Heck, we only have seen roughly 1/3 of the Mark V[b] armors in this current build, and yet during one of the Insiders and other promo materials, we have seen things like the CQC and CQB helmets, the JFO helmet, a few other chests and shoulders, the classic UA/CHOBHAM leg armor from Reach.

But it won’t just be more armors we receive in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer down the line. We still have a lot of the arsenal that is unaccounted for.
Plenty of game modes are currently left off the roster.
Even game types such as War Zone, Fire Fight, and Forge might be making a return eventually. (I can DEFINITELY see 343 releasing an ODST Armor Core when Firefight gets added to the game as a reference to Halo 3 ODST, the origins of that game type.)

But yeah I kinda agree, we do have a somewhat limited setup of the armors. Heck, the icons that feature the Yoroi armor don’t even feature the right helmet that is in all the promo material. Likely that would be released in Week 2 or Week 3 of the event.