I have quit halo infi heres why

1st if u play ranked and get above 60 ping your beat downs don’t work and u get lazed when on the otherside of wall.
2nd above 60 ping shots don’t work properly on headshots i have twitch videos to prove this.
3rd mnk just so horrible on this game we will al leave the game because pad is to broken on this game and u can beam, soon as u go on mnk you get banged. onyx player 1662 cross play.
4th whoever gets host on a match just beams compare to everyone else and eat shots twitch proof of this.
5th game crashes like crazy and then u get banned so annoying for any1 who plays ranked . u need people who lag out of a game to reconnect and join back make that a option.
6th overcharging people for skins which u can’t use on all the Armor
7th after the campaign the count on this game is going to drop like crazy and not many pc gamers will play this game as they will see it full of bugs and waste of there time like how i feel.
8th 343 have ruined this game tbh and ill never buy a game of them after the campaign. As every game they make is just full of bugs and don’t work properly. i recommended u hire a new team 343 and new mangers and get your stuff sorted out you have killed this game big time. if u want this game to be full of players by next year u better do some massive updates and sort this stuff out of otherwise your fan base is going to die so quick xD the truth is the truth. never played a beta which has so many bugs for such aa huge game just trash tbh.


Best of luck on future projects