I have ONE issue with the Campaign

Campaign looked awesome to me. It was so haloish! But better! BUT i really expected the voice acting to be alot better during the game play.
You hire Mike Coltier and all u give him is a bunch of same old halo campaign style one liners. The acting script while in game was lame in the clip we saw. It usually is in halo but i expected adrenalon pumping realism with the voice acting for this one. I mean compare what u just heard from halo 5s actors in game to what u hear from say Battlefield 3s actors while in game. If u were to play battlefield 3 and shut ur eyes u would swear blind it was an actual movie based on the acting and voice conversations. If u shut ur eye and listen to halo u can tell immediately its only a game. That was the ONLY let down for the campaign in my view. And it was a pretty big one.

We just saw 5 minutes out of a much longer campaign. Wait and you will see, or hear in this case.

There is no need to yell as the helmet relays even a whisper.
There is no need to act with extreme urgency when as a Spartan, that urgency has yet to come.

The time for panic may come later but for now, it’s just SOP.

I myself, thought the clip was fantastic. Best part was Osiris getting their -Yoinks!- kicked by the Warden Eternal.