i have not receive

i have the limited edition halo4, didn’t receive my codes for the new map. my tag is Blackeye1221

Yes you did, once you put in your Limited Edition Codes you have the Season Pass War Game Map Pack for free.

Load up your game, go to In-Game Marketplace and the Crimson Map Pack will pop up, simply download it.

You don’t receive a code for the Crimson DLC.

Go the marketplace on the Halo 4 menu and upon pulling it up you will be given a message to automatically download the map pack for 0 Microsoft Points.

Edit: Didn’t see the post above until after I posted mine. My bad.

I have’t receive a code, looked for it on my console and email, I did have and issue with my email that maybe it but I need a refresh sent to me. Thank You

Do you mean Limited Edition console or Limited Edition game?

The Limited Edition console does not come with the Map Pass so you will have to purchase that (or pay 800 points separately) to get the Crimson DLC.

If you have the Limited Edition game it included a code for the ‘Infinity Actual Kit’ which includes a Map Pass and therefore free Crimson DLC.

Also, if you’re talking about seaching your x-box messages and emails for a code are you actually talking about the early specialisation access, because, if you are, that has nothing to do with maps and is a different thing entirely!

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