I have not played the launch map at all

been playing since release and have at least 10-15hrs played but the launch site map has never come up in mp. could this be a bug or is anyone else having this issue?

It is definitely the map that shows up least. I think it is at least partly because there are only 2 gametypes on the map currently. Slayer and One Flag CTF. Because some of the other Arena maps have Slayer, Strongholds, and Oddball they show up in the rotation more often; Live Fire, Streets, and Recharge specifically. However, unless I’m forgetting something, Bazaar, Aquarius, and Behemoth only have 2 modes as well, and yet they show up more often than Launch Site does. I assume it’s a bug of some sort which is lowering the odds of a match on the map. The bug seems to only be on Quick Play and Ranked though, I get alot more matches on Launch Site in the current event Fiesta playlist.