I have no friends. ;-;

Maybe i’m just not very good at making steady friends but i cant get any friends to play Halo with me. Most of my old Xbox friends were just total -Yoinks!- to me and i removed most of them but i really have no one to play Halo with any more. So yeah if you play Halo and have a mic and don’t really like to smog friendships with your crappy opinions on sociology or how you hate the country you live in or not talking to me until i decide not to get an “Xbone”, add me! :smiley:

Hey, check us out:


Now, before you say ERMA in ERMAGERD! A CLAN! We are most definitely NOT a clan, Sam I am.

We are the antithesis thereof, just because.

We won’t make you change your colors, armor, emblem, gamer tag, or call out. We don’t make you wear a uniform, go to “boot camp”, take “conditioning”, “basic training”, go to DEFCON 2 and batten down the hatches and hoist the main sail.

We don’t care about your KD, positive spread, or even if you like pimento loaf on your bread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Think of us as 49 friends still very active in all things Halo, that will support XBone when it comes, as well as Destiny on 360 and XBone.

You may apply within…

S O Q D id a friendly competitive halo clan msg me to join MEAN BEAN1254


open game night for mature players tonight will be put on youtube msg me on xbox